Jun 14, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used his veto pen to stab the state Legislature.  For over two years legislative members took a risk to pass his “right wing” agenda.  An agenda that was to advance his forthcoming presidential campaign.  Turnouts he was a poor candidate.  Vetoing $57 million from the Legislature’s budget is no way to show his gratitude for their support.

Unfortunately, caught in the veto were those who make the legislature function.  …staff manage legislative committees, auditors, technical workers and state economists.  They likely played a key role in advancing DeSantis legislative agenda.

The veto was about stopping a study on credit card fees charged to merchants. This could be all about DeSantis planning another run for the presidency.  That requires money and one must assume DeSantis hopes the big bank national card companies will help finance his next presidential campaign.

Should Trump win this November there won’t be another presidential election.  Trump has said he will be a “dictator on day one.”  Whoever heard of a “dictator” leaving office?

Despite making up with Trump…DeSantis political future looks dim after 2026.  He did not even make Trump’s famous VP list.  “Little Marco” as Trump called Florida Senator Rubio in 2016 made the list. Should Trump win and tap Rubio for VP, DeSantis could appoint himself to the vacant Senate seat.  If all else fails, his wife (Casey) could provide him housing at the Governor’s Mansion.  Currently she leads in polls for governor in 2026.

Of course, there is always a job working for credit card companies.


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