Turning Point

Jun 12, 2024

Americans are facing a serious challenge as election day gets closer.  It is saving democracy.  The path is laden with misinformation and propaganda.   There are no guideposts.  We are at a turning point in America’s history.

Our democracy promotes fundamental American values and creates a more secure, stable and prosperous environment. Democracies are more peaceful and have higher economic growth along with happier people. Most importantly, it allows the people the right to choose their elected officials.

There is a role for everyone in saving democracy in our twisted political environment.  All of us need to engage.  It does not matter if you have never been active in the political process.  It is crucial everyone participates.

Your activity can be public or private.  It can be as little as talking with your friends, making phone calls for a candidate, donating $5.00, addressing envelopes from home, attending an event or offering someone a ride to vote.  A more public way is a “letter to the editor” why democracy must be saved.

We are faced with a proliferation of misinformation and propaganda.  We have entered the era of unreliable tweets, posts, viral videos and snapshots.  Scarier is developed sites to look like impartial news.  These are partisan-backed outlets.  How can you tell…I wish I knew. BEWARE!

News organizations, newspapers, television function is to inform society…not conform.

We must all work to save our democracy and fight against the loss of honest information and propaganda.

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