May 11, 2024

The Trump team plans to toss out traditional elements for winning elections.  Nothing is more important than the ground game and having happy State party organizations…and the money to implement a strategy.

RNC’s plan would not be implemented to have 12 regional and 40 state field directors, and the political, communications and research operations…meaning it would be all staffed by Trump loyalists. Trump told them to not worry about getting out the vote he would do that…but to “focus on the cheating.”  With much fanfare Charles Spies, a veteran election-law lawyer who was hired for his knowledge…and fired for his relationship with Governor DeSantis, Mitt Romney, the 2012 presidential nominee and former FL Governor Jeb Bush.

Why the turnaround?  Then it hit me…in a campaign speech a few weeks ago in Ohio, candidate Trump said if he didn’t get elected, he threatened “it’s going to be a blood bath for the country.”

All along Trump’s team was planning on recruiting thousands of their “volunteer” MAGA followers to monitor precincts and vote counting across the country.  Trump and his team may be reading the “tea leaves” and see losing in their future…and forming an army for the “blood bath” Trump promised.

Win or lose what will these “volunteer” MAGA followers get when this is all over – nothing.  Why…because with Donald Trump it’s all about him.  Except those billionaires he is leaning on for money may get their phone call returned.

All this being said it may be that Trump wants only to be President and does not want to spend money on a traditional campaign apparatus but use all available funds to pay his legal bills.



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