May 9, 2024

Today I want to alert you…the states are where the action is.  This was driven by the U. S. Supreme Court by overturning Row v. Wade. They returned decision on abortion “to the people and their elected representatives.”  There are over 7,000 members of state legislative bodies who are influential in the policy making business of their states.

That decision is why it’s important for voters to pay close attention to state legislative races.  Too often candidates for these races are overlooked particularly in a noisy presidential or gubernatorial race. When a legislative candidate comes knocking on your door or at a “meet the candidate” forum you should make every effort to determine their policy leanings.

Most of us think state legislative policy is related to education, budget, healthcare or how government agencies are run.  State legislators already are dealing with policy issues like gun control, marijuana, healthcare, book banning and how schools teach about racism, gender theory and sexual orientation.

However, with the crazy way Congress has functioned since 2022 election who knows what’s in a legislative proposal which shifts policy making to the states.

It is my urgent appeal for you to pay close attention to the mindset of those seeking to represent you at your state capital.


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