Mar 27, 2024

Holy Week – from Palm Sunday to Easter.  What a time to use it as a sales pitch!  I can remember in church school learning about the events of that week. It started as a celebration, parade and the next day the cleansing of the Temple.  This is the part that came back to me  about what happened on Monday.

Jesus visited the Temple and found merchants and money changers.  They had turned the Temple (church) into a store – selling sheep, oxen, clothes and doves for sacrifice.  Jesus threw out the merchants and buyers, accused them of turning the Temple into “a den of thieves” and a “house of trade.”

And so, as Donald Trump hawks his Bible during Holy Week, at the same time as two thousand years ago – like the merchants cashing in on religion. Where is our anger at someone profiteering on Holy Week by selling his own created Bible  – telling the story I just related.  And what did Jesus do – threw them out!

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