Sports Streaming

Feb 7, 2024

(Editor’s note: The writer Bill Phillips is a former West Virginia Racing Commissioner & served on the Board of the Association of Racing Commissioners International.)

Who is taking care of horse racing?  My first thought upon learning a sports streaming service venture is in the works.  As an avid fan and advocate for the sport, I trust the “big three” sports TV companies have it in their plans.  Over the years horse racing as a sport is often forgotten.

It is my hope this will not be the case as the sports streaming service is being built out.  The horse racing industry has many organizations.  Unfortunately, they get caught up in their particular interest.  Plus, the states where racing takes place are overcome by just managing the tracks and dealing with state bureaucracy.

An important element in the Axios story is the networks involved have the rights to all the major professional sporting league events, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, the major college sports divisions and more.  Since horse racing is not organized like these organizations it’s vital some form of governance be established – and quickly.

Finally, this could also be an opportunity to address a long-standing issue of who really can speak for all of racing.

Link to the Axios story about sports streaming.