Political Tidbits

Feb 6, 2024

Florida Gov. DeSantis received 25,732 votes in two GOP primaries…before suspending his campaign.  Based on his PAC spending 160 million dollars…that works out to a mere $6,217 spent for each vote he received.  His failed campaign got him 9 delegates to the Republican National Convention…that works out to 17.7 million dollars spent for each he won…if spending habit were to continue to win at least 1,215 delegates…to secure the nomination…he would have needed to spend 2.1 billion…at 17.7 million dollars per delegate.

Florida legislation to protect election workers…last year had opposition from conservative activists…assume worker recruitment & danger in today’s political environment has brought a turnaround…re-thinking is underway.

Less than 40,000 voters in three states elected the President in 2020…third party fever appears on the rise…wouldn’t take but a few electoral votes to send 2024 presidential race to the U.S. House of Representatives.

No Democrats are running for more than half of WV House & Senate seatsparty committees have been able to fill ballot vacancies until 78 days before general election…a measure passed by Republican controlled House would…stop appointing candidates…if it makes it thru the legislative process.

Preceding the WV House action…last weekend the State GOP Committee attempted to prevent Democrats from requesting Republican ballots in the forthcoming primary…that was put off until 2026. 

Americans are crying out for an alternative to Biden & Trump…No Labels a “ballot creating organization”…has gained ballot access in 14 states…no idea if they will offer presidential candidate.

After watching the current Congress it’s no wonder…Gallup found “voters are less likely to say members of Congress deserve reelection”…“independents are least likely to believe most members of Congress, and their own member, deserve to be re-elected”.

Must be trueWes Holden a 35-year staff member of former Governor/Senator Jay Rockefeller…had no problem gathering signatures to seek a congressional seat as an Independent in West Virginia. The state has only two Representatives House.

Adding to people’s congressional disgust…is a failure to resolve border problems…just to have it as a campaign issue.  Remember Harry Truman’s “Do Nothing Congress.”

As attention grows on the third-party movementpre-existing political parties are pre-qualified for certain states…based on past performance…which means they can offer up just about anyone…Don Blankenship, a retired coal executive in WV who served a year in prison, in 2020 was on the ballot of Constitution Party for President.  BTW, as a former Republican Blankenship now a Democrat is now running for the Senate seat held by Senator Joe Manchin.