Senator DeSantis

Sep 21, 2023

Think Ahead

Governor Ron DeSantis route to the oval office is closing quickly. He could be a lame-duck governor even before the Iowa caucus. 

 There are several signs he will face the lame-duck status if his campaign does not take off soon. 

 Overwhelmingly the GOP state party spoke loud & clear rescinding a loyalty pledge which will allow Trump’s name to appear on the March primary ballot in Florida. A first sign of being a lame-duck?

 Poll numbers indicate Trump is 36 points ahead of DeSantis in Florida. A defeat here would be a huge embarrassment for DeSantis.

 The next Florida House speaker, Representative Daniel Perez sent DeSantis a message that his day “to call the shots over the past five years for a mostly compliant Legislature” is over. House members applauded when Perez said “…legislative power should be the first branch of government.”

 When it comes to “himself” DeSantis can be flexible. In 2016 he had filed to run for the U. S. Senate. Senator Rubio dropped out of the presidential race indicating he would seek re-election to the Senate. Quickly Ron DeSantis entered the race for Governor which appeared to be a losing proposition.   

 He could file for the 2024 Florida Senate seat rather than see his presidential campaign go up in flames. It is well known he and Senator Scott are not close. The time should be right to take advantage of his national exposure, contacts across the country and financial backers. Plus there is no love between Senator Scott and Senator Mitch McConnell. Who knows where that might go.

 It’s a long time before the 2028 presidential election which would give Senator DeSantis plenty of time to put things back together for a move to the oval office.

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