DeSantis Set-Back

Sep 15, 2023

An Analysis

Florida Republican Party has turned against Governor Ron DeSantis. It said no to his supporters who wanted to keep a loyalty pledge passed earlier this year. 

That pledge would have required GOP presidential candidates to agree they would support the eventual party nominee – to have their name on the Florida March primary ballot.

 The defeat was led by Senator Joe Gruters, a former Republican State Chairman and longtime Trump backer. If the DeSantis campaign cannot win a vote like this from Republican leaders in his own state what does this say about his future?

 Florida Republican Party has been more than loyal to their governor. GOP members of the legislature just saluted and passed nearly every request he sent forward. Does today’s action open the door for these leaders to speak and act more freely….let’s hope so.

 How is DeSantis going to explain this defeat to the caucus goers in Iowa, town hall meetings in New Hampshire and to the nation at the September 27th debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundations & Institute in California. His name may be Ron…but he is no Ronald Reagan.