Manchin’s New Role?

Jan 26, 2022

President Joe Biden must now name someone to the seat of Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.  The appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris would solve a number of problems for the administration.

Another Biden problem has been Senator Joe Manchin (D. WV).  Why not take care of this and select Senator Manchin as Vice President?  This action by President Biden would sent a message to the country of his moving back to the center.

There would be no better person to guide a new approach to Biden’s new Build Back Better proposal.  With Democrats facing difficult mid-term elections Joe Manchin is an unbelievable campaigner.

Putting Manchin in the Vice President’s office would open the senate seat for West Virginia Governor Jim Justice to fill with a Republican.  That would not be good for the President.  However, Justice has no loyalty.  Remember he was elected Governor as a Democrat.  Along comes President Donald Trump and Governor Justice changes to Republican.

Followers of West Virginia politics know former Democratic State Party Chairman Larry Puccio is Manchin’s best friend.  Puccio is a lobbyist for Governor Justice’s Greenbrier Hotel.  Besides it was Senator Manchin & Puccio who ask Justice to run for Governor in the first place.  Puccio managed the successful Justice campaign in 2016.

Don’t you think party registration could be worked out in this case?  Justice becomes a Democrat, appoints himself to the Senate seat held by Manchin.

There you have it!