Like It or Not!

Aug 1, 2023

The political season is here. Based in Florida for the last twelve years observing politics & current events. And being a native West Virginian I keep an eye on what’s going on there…you know Senator Joe Manchin! I just cannot stay out of the game.

Oh, I got it! I could reset my blog started in 2009. That’s a great idea to work from home! Now after a little surgery on the blog ready to hit the internet.

This blog will be open to anyone with an opinion. Guest commentary would be fantastic. Of course, if you want to share something on a confidential basis feel free. Just email me at [email protected].

Guess I had better introduce myself to new readers. In short, my experience in the political world spans several years. I have run campaigns, elected a Governor & Congressman, worked on presidential campaigns and with Cabinet officials. BTW, I love horse racing. Let’s leave it there.