Don’t Stop!

Apr 4, 2024

Today we say thank you to the leadership and supporters of No Labels.  Much hard work was done to gain ballot access in 21 states.  Likely this was possible because polls have been telling us 70% of our fellow citizens prefer a presidential candidate other than President Biden and former President Trump.  No Labels was true to its word unless they could identify a candidate with a credible path to winning the White House…none would be offered.

No Labels website defines the objective of this worthwhile organization.  It states, “We are a national movement of commonsense Americans pushing our leaders together to solve our country’s biggest problems.”  Hopefully, they will turn their attention to supporting “commonsense” candidates for the U. S. House of Representatives.  The mess currently overseen by Speaker Mike Johnson on the House side of Congress is an embarrassment.

One final thought about the 21-state ballot access success.  Could it be that Americas are looking for a third political party?

Three cheers to No Labels…keep fighting!



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