Apr 6, 2024

(Editor’s note:  To enjoy the full impact of this post tap the video.)

Billionaires are taking over Donald Trump’s campaign and will own him when it’s over.  It appears former President Trump has forgotten who brought him to the dance in 2016.  Who got him across the finish line.  It was hard working, committed believers creating the “Trump Train”.  They waved flags, knocked on doors and came by the hundreds to Trump rallies…just to see the “Apprentice Host”.  Trump is throwing over these early supporters for billionaires.  When it comes to Donald Trump: “it’s all about himself and money.”

Tonight, billionaires are putting on a splashy fundraising dinner at a Palm Beach Florida home.  The host is billionaire investor John Paulson.  He called in Wall Street buddies one of which said, “it’s the old cast coming back together to take it across the finish line.”  For starters $250,000 is required to get you in the door and $814,600 to sit at “citizen Trumps” table.  This is not an event for the “Trump Train” pickup truckers…who likely would be turned away at door if they arrived with $250.000. And there is no parking for pickup trucks!

Trump’s trucker “friends” may be sending him a money message.  Last year small donors (likely those early believers) only sent him $51 million.  In 2020 his fundraising committees raised a record $626.6 million from small-dollar donors.  Guess the high rollers gathering tonight could find $600 plus million but doubt they would be out parading, putting up yard signs and waving a Trump flag.

Not to be overlooked Trump has turned Mar-a-Lago into a staging ground for billionaires and others with their own agendas.


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