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Political Tidbits….End is near

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Midterm election excitement is growing…..but not because of the election….but the end of it…..readers have emailed…..what can be done about all the nasty TV ads…..the answer is…..end our democracy.

Look for a nasty polarized Congress after November… appears the ideological center will be gone…..moderate to conservative Democrats are in trouble…..looks like liberal Democrats are escaping…..and House Republicans will be pushed to the far right…..and the ideological center in the Senate will suffer as well…..reaching across the aisle could be dangerous to a political future.

Did you know…..18 states will gain or lose representation…..due to the recent census … the House of Representatives…..a change of 24 seats?

With all the attention on the control of Congress…..gubernatorial races have been overlooked… control Congress over the next decade…..parties must elect a Governor of their persuasion…..they have veto over redistricting…..required by the U. S. Constitution every ten years.

Look for tea-party advocates… start immediately to help keep newly elected conservatives in Congress…..likewise to focus attention on the 2012 nominating process.

House GOP leaders are preparing…..POLITICO reports GOP wants insiders to staff outsiders…..75 to 80 names are on a list of potential chiefs of staff…..the goal is to help freshmen navigate Washington…..and guide them through future election cycles… does not stop there… is necessary strong knowledgeable staff directors lead committee panels.

To end on a positive note…..for Republicans… awful fight will likely develop within the Democratic party…..about the direction of the party… a positive note….. for Democrats…..Republicans will have to navigate an obstacle course as it prepares for 2012.

Postpone The Next Two Years

Monday, October 25th, 2010

With only eight days until we know the outcome (we hope) of the 2010 midterm elections the national news organizations are beginning to discuss Obama’s days after the election.  The Caucus, a politics and government blog of The Times, suggest President may want to postpone his return to the United States from a 10-day trip to Asia.

Rather than postpone his return a better suggestion is that he postpone any new initiatives and spend the next two years creating jobs, building a strong economy and correcting the course he set since taking office in January, 2009.

It is hard to believe that he would run from the results of this national election on his performance and policies.

Updated…Political Tidbits

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Speaker In Waiting….House Republican leader John Boehner told AP Obama must signal a willingness to work with Republicans to cut spending…..if he expects to work with the new Congress….”Cutting government spending is what the American people want, and it’s an approach neither party has tried yet.”

Republicans were fired up after a successful “Victory Gala” on Friday…..visiting WV Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)…..said before 1996 & 2000 when he looked across the border he saw a political wilderness…..not any longer…..and he urged WV send John Raese to the Senate.

Spike Maynard gave a moving tribute to Buck Harless… the dinner rather than make his political pitch as a third district candidate for Congress…..Buck was honored for his devotion to the Party…..not as close to his district as Maynard…..David McKinley stayed in his northern WV to campaign rather than attend the Charleston dinner… move David.

Only three GOP legislators were spotted at the dinner…..Tim Armstead House Minority Leader….. Senate GOP Leader Mike Hall and Delegate Bob Ashley…..looks like there is work to do there…..also not seen was the only announced Republican candidate for Governor, Senator Clark Barnes…..he was not present at his county Lincoln Day Dinner or when the “Fire Pelosi” bus visited his hometown.

Early voting is underway…..while polls across the nation show races tightening…..the Governor’s race in nearby Ohio is closer with GOP candidate at 49% over incumbent Gov. Strickland at 47%…..remember the Scott Brown surprise in Massachusetts…..Dem. Gov. Patrick is now only 4 points ahead of Rep. Charlie Baker……nearby PA has a Senate race…..where GOP Pat Toomey has been leading… only 3 points ahead… new numbers for WV…..but someone wrote this weekend Manchin is a Republican running as a Democrat…..what about a party switch Joe?

Joining the WV “Fire Pelosi” bus tour was RNC Chairman Michael Steele…..but he brought his own bus to the parade….. State Republican Chair Stuart flash a specially minted “Fire Pelosi” coin he was given by Steele… we know where he spends the RNC money…..his visit and positioning on Sunday talk shows sounds like a campaign for reelection.

Donna Gosney GOP National Committeewoman….. never missed a stop on the “Fire Pelosi” tour…..she rode the bus all the way…..even to WVU game…..good news for the GOP… faces on the scene…..continuing to impress is Conrad Lucas…..Rob Cornelius handling media is on top of the story…..Allison Plants raised a lot of money with the Gala…..which was chaired by Melody Potter…..the new hard working Associate Chair.


Second Term?

Monday, October 25th, 2010

President Obama in my view could never get a second term.  That was until yesterday.

He has presided over an “Administration of Failure.”  The policies he pursued after taking office have been rejected by voters from the beginning.  Even so he has continued on message during the midterm elections knowing voters are turned off by his so-called success.

We all know the last president in such a shape was Bill Clinton in 1994.  When Clinton faced with losing his presidency he adjusted.  Our current President has shown no signs of adjustment, compromise or a willingness to put the country ahead of himself. 

Just last week Peter Baker wrote in the New York Times.  “One prominent Democratic lawmaker told me Obama’s problem is that he is not insecure – he always believes he is the smartest person in any room and never feels the sense of panic that makes a good politician run scared all the time, frenetically wooing lawmakers, power brokers, adversaries and voters as if the next election were a week away.”

Now to how he may get a second chance – maybe even a second term.

Respected columnist David Broder wrote yesterday about the political arrangement in Great Britain.  How the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats discovered more agreement than they had expected – including on a new austerity budget.  Broder said the midterm elections provide the opportunity for a similar breakthrough here.

His theory is Republicans will emerge with sufficient leverage in the Congress to approach Obama with a let’s “do a Cameron” when it comes to federal spending.  Broder says this would require a radical rollback in the welfare state in return for a two-year truce on such policy questions as repeal of the health-care law. 

Broder believes Obama’s strong endorsement of his fiscal responsibility commission report in December which is expected to emphasize spending discipline over raising revenue may be the vehicle.

Republicans are far more willing to put their country first and work in a bipartisan manner to get federal spending under control.  President Obama has never shown any sign of flexibility – even for his own good – let alone the country. 

Don’t look for a second term.

Political Tidbits…18 Days

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Everyone is fixated on the polls…..they change everyday…..but what does not change is the importance of turnout…..that is where elections are won…..equally important Governor Underwood used to say is timing.

18 days to go…..small movements matter…..battleground districts still tilt to the GOP says an NPR survey…..the Democratic enthusiasm gap has been cut a little…..likely voters with a very high interest are more likely to be Republicans…..that is sure the case in WV.

We are about ready to find out how much influence Rep. Nick Joe Rahall has with the Obama administration…..EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has been told to make the final decision on the Spruce Number One Mine permit…..a lot of jobs hang in the balance…..including Rahall’s…..look for GOP congressional candidate Spike Maynard to use this one.

National pollsters still have McKinley in a tossup race with Oliverio… terms of nasty ads they are both winning……TURNOUT.

Not wanted anywhere…..can you believe President Obama & VP Biden…..are both in Delaware…..where the Senate Democratic candidate is expected to win…..Obama must be there to boost up Biden…..and deliver his losing message.

Republicans don’t miss the GOP Victory Gala…..Senator Mitch McConnell is making the trip October 22…. to aid Republicans… their final push… @304.768.0493.

Back to turnout…..State GOP leaders offer turnout volunteers…..a ride on the “Fire Pelosi Bus”…..if they are the first to make 500 calls….. or knock on 100 doors… get this for making the first  300 calls or visit 75 homes…..a picture made with RNC Chairman Michael Steele… would that be something to hang on your wall!!!!

Remember Richard Trumka…..former UMW leader… leading the AFL-CIO…..he plans to create a ‘firewall’ in some of the close House races… protect the Democrats’ majority…..better have the volunteer fire companies in Rahall’s district standby.

Don’t forget Monday night at 8 on WV Public Broadcasting TV Manchin and Raese will face off.

Obama’s Untraceable Donations

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Think back two years when the Barack Obama presidential campaign allowed donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards to contribute.  See this 2008 link to get the details. 

After reading the 2008 story you would wonder why President Obama would bring up anything related to campaign money as he did last week.  He even continues today as reported in The Washington Post.

The New York Times did a story on Friday saying “…White House officials acknowledged Friday that they had no specific evidence to indicate that the chamber had used money from foreign entities to finance political attach ads.”

How Big A Government?

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

If your not a Washington Post Sunday reader this piece may be of interest as November 2nd and the 2012 election approaches.

Political Tidbits

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

In some ways the current U. S. Senate race resembles 1978…..Senator Jennings Randolph was challenged by two term Governor Arch Moore…..Randolph won by 4,717 votes…..Manchin like Randolph stays in close touch with West Virginia families and communities.

As the mid-term congressional election heats up Mitt Romney’s Free Strong & Strong America PAC has endorsed Raese, McKinley, Capito and Maynard in WV.  Romney as a presidential candidate in 2008 visited WV three times.

Is the Manchin campaign about to hit the fast forward button?

Arch Moore Republicans are quietly remembering and talking about the race John Raese ran against Moore for Governor…..what impact will this have on the close Raese/Manchin contest?

Overlooked in the 2010 noise is the importance of redistricting to be fought out in the 2011 legislative session…’s a shame the GOP offered so few candidates… may be there that the next congressional representation is decided.

Is the October 22 visit of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell from nearby Kentucky the beginning of VIP’s planning trips to the Mountain State…..remember how they poured in the last week of the Bush 2000 campaign in WV.

Back to 1978….. the polls and pundits did not paint a bright picture for Senator Randolph…..they overlooked how he was always in touch and at the smallest gatherings…..will Governor Manchin’s personal approach make the difference as it did for Randolph 32 years ago?

Where does Mike Stuart get all his energy and ideas…..he is taking a new and different road as GOP Chair…..maybe a dry run for a personal run for statewide office in 2012.

Where have all the candidates gone…..the closeness of the U. S. Senate race has caused many to put efforts on hold…..but wait until November 3rd…..don’t expect politics to be on hold.

It seems to be official…..Senator Clark Barnes says he is running for Governor…..he has a track record of announcing then having second thoughts…..but the Elkins newspaper reports he has engaged an out of state consulting firm…..we’ll see.

Why would Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wait until 2016…..she just got out worked in Iowa last time around…..Obama gets weaker everyday…..he is not flexible like Bill Clinton…..he stays on message even when the polls confirm his policies are disliked…..and replacing Joe Biden with Hillary just won’t fly…..unless Obama changes…..he may be President but Hillary is still a favorite with the rank & file party types. 

The NRSC independent expenditure ad to assist the Raese campaign was in poor taste…..West Virginians don’t like being depicted as hillbillies…..not a good strategy in a close race…..every vote counts!

A pick up from POLITICO…..’Tanya Rahall, sister of Rep. Nick Rahall, allegedly threatened to make sure the ‘doors on Capitol Hill will be closed’ to a lobbying firm that fired her, according to a civil lawsuit filed against her and another lobbyist,’ POLITICO’s John Bresnahan writes

Check out Mitt Romney’s new web site