(Editor’s Note:  With campaign ads beginning to flow there is none more famous than “Daisy.”  Mr. Babb’s piece is offered for those new to campaigns and political advertising.  For those inclined to watch a link is provided below.)

By Drew Babb

Drew Babb teaches political advertising at American University and is president of the firm Drew Babb & Associates.

Fifty years ago, on Sept. 7, 1964, a political ad called “Daisy” aired on behalf of President Lyndon Johnson. The commercial opened with a little girl in a meadow, then a horrific nuclear blast filled the screen. We’ve been feeling the fallout ever since.

It was only a minute long. The paid ad ran on national television only once, and only on one network, NBC. But that’s all it took.

The message

Here’s what you would have heard that early fall evening during “Monday Night at the Movies”:

LITTLE GIRL (plucking daisy petals): One, two, three, four, five, seven, six, six, eight, nine . . .

“MISSION CONTROL”: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero . . .

SOUND EFFECTS: Huge atomic bomb blast.

PRESIDENT JOHNSON: These are the stakes: to make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other. Or we must die.

ANNOUNCER: Vote for President Johnson on Nov. 3. The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

The takeaway? Johnson’s Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater, was a crazed, trigger-happy cowboy. If his finger were ever on the nuclear button, the world would blow up. We’d all die.

The fallout

You can love “Daisy” for its power or hate it for its excess — I both love it and hate it — but it changed political advertising forever. Here’s how:

●It gave politicians a license to kill. Earlier political commercials were overwhelmingly upbeat. In 1960, Frank Sinatra sang a rewrite of “High Hopes” for John F. Kennedy, with this jolly lyric: “Everyone is voting for Jack, ’cause he’s got what all the rest lack.”

But “Daisy” was a full-throated, gloves-off, take-no-prisoners negative message. Arguably, and for better or worse, it’s the Mother of All Attack Ads.

To execute the spot, the creative types didn’t just run still photos with a crawl of type. They used every weapon in their arsenal. They grabbed for viewers’ hearts with an adorable little girl (commercial actress Monique Corzilius). They tapped into viewers’ greatest nightmare with footage of a huge mushroom-shaped cloud. (Remember, this was less than two years after the Cuban missile crisis.) They reinforced the visuals with intrusive sound effects (provided by the genius sound engineer Tony Schwartz). They had Johnson read a snippet of spiritual poetry (by W.H. Auden). And they hired a voice-of-God baritone (sports announcer Chris Schenkel) to wrap things up.

●By all means, trash the tropes. Nowhere in “Daisy” does an image appear of either candidate. Barry Goldwater is not mentioned. There are no American flags, bunting, stirring music or other cliches of the genre. Johnson’s ad agency, Doyle Dane Bernbach, deployed every bit of the imagery and verbal power typically used with nonpolitical clients such as Volkswagen, Avis Car Rental and Levy’s Rye Bread. DDB wasn’t going to pussyfoot around for the LBJ brand just because this was politics. The agency had its share of gentlemen and ladies, but when it came to gaining market share for its clients, they were New York street brawlers.

●Overreacting can boomerang. Before there was something called “earned media,” “Daisy” did just that. The Republican campaign erupted in outrage. The Johnson campaign, which anticipated the heat, quietly and quickly pulled the ad, and it never ran again. But the networks (only three of ’em, remember?) duly registered the GOP ire and — to show people what all the fuss was about — ran “Daisy” ad nauseam. Result: The one-time- only spot was shown over and over. And under the aegis of newscasts, it undoubtedly picked up credibility along the way.

The credits

So who crafted and produced this message? Who’s responsible for it?

Tony Schwartz is often given sole credit. But commercials are like little movies. They’re collaborative. The collaborators include Bill Bernbach, DDB’s creative director; Sid Myers and Stanley Lee, art director and copywriter, respectively; and producer Aaron Ehrlich. On the account management side, Jim Graham was the point person.

But a creative agency always needs a creative client, so you have to give a nod to the White House, too. Steve Smith was the “matchmaker” who had recommended the upstart agency to his brother-in-law John F. Kennedy. Bill Moyers, Jack Valenti and Richard Goodwin seem to have been on the receiving end of the pitch. Lyndon Johnson, ultimately, approved the ad.

The reverberations

We’re on the cusp of another expensive, nasty election. Gird up your loins, everyone.

Many of 2014’s candidates and their brilliant operatives weren’t alive when “Daisy” aired. But what they do and what they’ll produce will be influenced by those 60 seconds that ran 50 years ago.

Happy birthday, “Daisy.”

Link for TV ad.


Political Tidbits…9.01.14

It’s Labor Day…traditionally the start of the 2014 campaign season… but it started 11.07.12…not to be outdone the 2016 is already underway…at least for the presidency…and Senator Manchin being a placeholder for WV Governor.

State GOP Chair Lucas and his 2014 team have much at stake…they have put their political reputations on the line…promising to take over the House of Delegates…encouragement came Friday in The WV Poll…showing 41 percent of those polled favor Republicans controlling the Legislature compared to 39 percent of Democrats.

Already on high alert…incumbent House Democrats who normally feel safe…had better not run their normal style of campaign…or they could pay the price…modern campaigns are not just about showing up…but includes social media…telephone banks to GOTV…town halls…and lots of door knocking.  BTW…don’t forget to check your voting record.

These mostly local battles…will be difficult to follow…but smart candidates will be using free social media… that should be where to follow…outside of nasty TV ads…which Associated Press says is cued up.

Unless The WV Poll is wrong…the race for US Senate if nearly over…reported Friday in the Charleston DM…Capito has 54 percent and Tennant 37.

The entire 2014 election could be impacted by the Senate race…Republicans feel like Shelley is a shoe in…and stay home…costing local House of Delegate candidates needed votes…on the other side Democrats feel their local House candidates being incumbents are safe…that being the case it will all come down to getting the vote out…more than normal.

A movement of Republicans…is opening up with more support of Democrat Nick Casey…the 2nd congressional district…a “Republicans for Casey” organization took shape in the Charleston area just after the primary…it has been expanded to the Eastern Panhandle…reports coming out of the State Chamber’s annual meeting…is that well known GOP members were meeting with Casey…with his Maryland opponent Alex Mooney within sight…it is likely more is going on underground.

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito…who Alex Mooney wants to succeed…paid lip service to him…by including Mooney in the visit Gov. Romney made to support her Senate race…if you’re a Facebook reader you have to be impressed with the territory  Capito has covered during the summer congressional recess…she knows how to use social media…lots of messages in her pictures.

FINALLY…the voters have spoken up and told candidates…coal is not their top issue…but that is all you hear from candidates…jobs & unemployment continues as the top issue…granted coal plays into jobs…but wonder what would happen if a candidate actually had a vision about our future… without a strong coal economy…thanks Charleston Daily Mail for bringing this to the forefront.

There is growing unhappiness and disgust among normal Republicans with how mean those running Chairman Lucas’s State Republicans headquarters…have become…which backfire in turnout…negative is one thing…meanness another.

Democrats are not going to turn over the WV Legislature without a fight…and with August Interims over…the battle will be joined…with incumbents looking to those they have supported on various issues over the years…for extra support in this tough year for all incumbents…lobbyist plan on spending more.

Republicans are still asking who invited author Dinesh D’Souza who was about to be sentenced for federal charges of breaking campaign finance laws  to keynote a “Victory Dinner”…insiders say National Committeewoman Melody Potter…bragged at recent GOP Women’s lunch…about extending the invitation.

Speaking of Melody Potter…it was noticeable her name was not included on Kris Warner’s host committee for a coming fundraiser…they serve together on the national GOP committee.

ICYM…State BOE President Gayle Manchin and State Senator Donna Boley are at each other…Boley part of a team helped organize a WV Town Hall Forum about Common Core standards…which occurred as the legislature started August interims…an unexpected large turnout must have upset Manchin…and the emails started.

Outside money is pouring into the state to support campaigns in both camps…remember when an out-of-state group started running negative ads in Underwood’s 96 campaign for Governor…and he called for them to stop…how things have changed.

Cannot pass up mentioning the WV Derby at Mountaineer…a place where Politics & Horses come together annually…and the politics being playing out across the country…as horsemen figure out the future…not unlike what should be going on with WV’s economy.


We mourn the passing our friend Jim Reed who represented WV on the Republican National Committee from 2004 until 2012.  Jim’s support of our party was never ending.





(Full disclosure:  I am a member of the WV Racing Commission.  The views expressed here are strictly my personal ones).

There is nothing as exciting as horse racing.  Saturday will be the 45th running of the West Virginia Derby at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort.  What a better time to take a look at this day and the impact the racing industry has on our State.

First, there will be horses from the 2014 Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands along with nationally known stakes and Triple Crown winning jockeys.  119 horses (including “also eligible”) will make up a nine card program.

West Virginia native Brereton C. Jones is the breeder of Divine View who will start from post position seven in the Derby.  Jones is a former resident of Point Pleasant who entered the Thoroughbred breeding business and went on to become Governor of Kentucky.  It will be exciting to have him back home.

Saturday’s race is not the only exciting thing about horse racing.  The Thoroughbred and Greyhound industries have a significant impact on West Virginia’s economy.  A study conducted by the College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University documented the 2012 impact.

The study found more than $321 million in total business volume was contributed to the state economy.  The industries support more than 7,300 jobs and generated more than $100 million in total employee compensation.  State tax revenue generate from racing is $4.6 million.  The researchers made note that this does not include the spillover effect on other industries.

Like other sections of our economy the racing industry is not without its problems.  Purse funds have been dwindling due various cuts in supporting funds and new competition casinos are confronting.   Lottery revenues which impact racing were down from peak of $1.56 in 2006-07 to $1.21 billion for 2013-14 budget year.  The Charleston Gazette reported the number of casino machines in use was 7,354 dropping 53 percent from the maximum of 13,900.

Efforts need to be made in both the lottery and racing industries to look for new ideas to increase revenue to help state leaders avoid even thinking about a taxpayer increase.

If you cannot make it to Mountaineer on Saturday join the live one-hour telecast on Fox Sports Network (FSN) that begins at 5 p.m.

There is another exciting West Virginia racing opportunity at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races on October 18th when the West Virginia Breeders’ Classics will be run.

Manchin For President?

POLITICO’s Huddle reports this morning that U. S. Senator Joe Manchin has not ruled out running for President.   The story by Scott Wong is below.

By Scott Wong (swong@politico.com or @scottwongDC)

IF HILLARY PASSES, MANCHIN FOR PRESIDENT? – Sen. Joe Manchin says a 2016 presidential run is “low on the totem pole,” but he’s not exactly ruling it out.

The West Virginia Democrat, a frequent critic of President Obama and perhaps the most conservative Democrat in the upper chamber, has already endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. But if the former secretary of State takes a pass, expect to hear more about the former Mountain State governor – especially with former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, another possible ’16 hopeful from a red state, making some off-color remarks about gays and prostitutes.

Some Twitter accounts have popped up in the past week with the handles @NH4JoeManchin and @Iowa4JoeManchin – though he hasn’t made trips to those early primary states. @DraftJoeManchin recently tweeted: “We think that Joe Manchin is the most gifted leader and the most unifying leader we could elect as our next President.”

“It’s very flattering. The bottom line is people are searching for somebody who’s willing to fix things rather than talk about them,” Manchin told your Huddle host on Tuesday. “It’s something I haven’t given an awful lot of thought about. I’ve been working hard trying to get [the Senate] to work. It’s a shame. It really is a shame. It’s a great country, and we have a lot of good people here, but somehow politics has trumped policy.

Told that Manchin’s politics would probably be too conservative to win his party’s nomination, he replied: “My politics are about as middle of the road and American as you can get. I keep saying I’m fiscally responsible and socially compassionate, and I think most Americans are.”

A more likely scenario is that Manchin — frustrated with Senate gridlock — will run for the governor’s mansion again in 2016. But is a presidential bid completely off the table? “I would think it’s low on the totem pole,” he said.

Those who’ve worked closely with Manchin say he’s a talented politician who is beloved in his home state, even if he’s far from a household name on a national level.

“I don’t speak for Sen. Manchin, but if Secretary Clinton decides not to run the field will be as wide open as the Grand Canyon,” said Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis, who served as Manchin’s first chief of staff in his Senate office. “At that point, with his retail politicking skills, Manchin could make a real run against more mortal and less seasoned politicians.

“If she runs,” Kofinis added, “it’s almost impossible to see the realistic path how anyone on the Dem side beats her in a primary.”

Lottery Revenue vs. More Taxes

A new opportunity for the Lottery industry and horse racing became public last week.  EquiLottery a Kentucky based company has developed an innovative horse racing and lottery game.

Just last month I wrote with Lottery revenue continuing to decline I would assume the WV Lottery has a “think tank” to look for and assess new ideas and concepts.  Well here is one.

EquiLottery connects the results of live horse races to the lottery experience, while providing a social element many lottery games currently lack.  EquiLottery racetracks could become the focus of horseplayers around the world.

Studies were conducted by Gaming Laboratories International forecasts in the first year of implementation EquiLottery will perform around 3-4% of the lottery’s current annual revenue.

EquiLottery says the game would allow lottery players to participate in the same wagering pools as horseplayers, with the game promising to create dynamic payout for lottery and horseplayers while keeping in line with the legislative and financial realities of international lottery corporations.

Brad Cummings, EquiLottery President & CEO wants to increase exposure of horseracing and develop new fans but he made it clear that lotteries also need ample incentive to incorporate new games into their corporate strategies.  He said this comes at a time when both racing and lottery industries are looking for ways to adapt to the evolving market place.

To assist lottery “think tankers” or my readers here is a website link for EquiLottery.

This leads me back to the need to generate new lottery revenue in West Virginia.  Lottery revenue provides funds for various services.  Without it a state tax increase may be required.

Let’s hope Lottery leaders and others take a look at this new idea.

Have We Learned?

An earthquake hit the Republican Party last night.  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) was defeated  by a Tea Party challenger.  This will fuel Tea Party types with the real impact hitting in 2015 and 2016 as battle for the Republican nomination moves into full gear.

I just hope this is realized by all Republicans not just insiders.  The consequence will be significant as we enter the contest to select a 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

Every day Republicans not active in the party must get involved immediately if we are to nominate a presidential candidate who can get elected.  Otherwise, let’s just crown Hillary Clinton.

This cannot wait until the excitement of a campaign.  Anyone who follows politics will recall the movement to nominate Barry Goldwater in 1964 started well before that year.  F. Clifton White was organizing, recruiting and taking control of Republican Party machinery at the local level.  This is well document in his book Suite 3505.

That year regular Republicans waited too long and the battle ensured.  Throughout the spring and summer of 1964 there was blood on the floor everywhere you looked.  At the last minute even former President Dwight Eisenhower got involved trying to save the Republican Party from itself.  We all know how 1964 turned out!

In West Virginia control of the party has been underway for some time by Tea Party believers.   Our representatives to the Republican National Committee are Tea Party in their heart.  The State Chairman is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.   Following the May election when new county GOP committee members were elected the same is taking place as committees reorganize.

This take over extends even to selecting a Congressman to replace Shelley Moore Captio in the 2nd District.  Not only has the Tea Party prevailed there but it was done with a Maryland resident coming across our state line.

Eric Cantor is a conservative Republican but not obviously to the extent liked by the extremists.

Extremism cannot win in 2016 get involved now – don’t wait until it’s too late.


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Why Not?

Revenue in our State is needed as badly as pothole filling.  The legislature faced with trying to find funds to restore “people” services in its recent special session had to move money from one account to another.  No one can argue about funding badly needed social services.

Beyond that Phil Kabler, Statehouse Reporter for The Charleston Gazette, reported last week that Lottery revenues are expected to be down about $100 million from 2012-13 and some $360 million below the Lottery’s record revenue of $1.56 billion in 2006-07.  The report said Lottery is expected to have had about $1.2 billion of revenue for the current fiscal year which ends June 30.

The time has come to look at new ideas to generate revenue without putting an additional burden on state taxpayers.  I wrote about this in February and offered what I am certain are controversial ideas related to gambling.  Here is a link if you did not read my February blog.

The beauty about new ideas to generate money from internet gaming, taxing Advance Deposit Wagering, offering Instant Racing and other ideas is most funds – reaching our state coffers – will come from out of state or around the world.  That could be a road map to avoid a tax increase on our citizens,  which could surely come if revenue from outside our boarders is not tapped.

Remember the huge money that came into West Virginia after the Lottery was established and casinos were built?  Yes, that is drying up because of competition from nearby states.  Well only three states now offer internet gaming.

With Lottery revenue continuing to decline it could be assumed they have a “think tank” looking at new revenue generating programs brought on by the growth of technology in their industry.  Likely the operating casinos and the state’s horseman are doing the same thing.  Let’s get the ideas from these organizations, our citizens, state officials and others on the table now.  Work should begin on these and other ideas long before the 2015 legislative session.

Why not?

Political Tidbits…5.27.14

Political Tidbits…5.27.14

2014 primary election is over…summer is almost here…and the traditional start of political campaigns is long over…campaigns now are continual…likewise it appears negative campaigns are edging into mean ones…expect to see mean and costly races across the state.

The big surprise from the primary came in the 2nd congressional district…where the candidate [Alex Mooney] moved just 27 miles from Maryland…nearly at the last minute…to enter the race.  Based on his campaign experience he was expected to run well…but never win…even Eastern Panhandle newcomer Ken Reed outran long time active GOP candidates…some feel he could have beaten outsider Mooney with professional experienced management and his personal funds.

Quiet on the home front [Charleston Marriott]…during the recent legislative interims…hardly a delegate or senator to be found…that usually is the place for gossip and deals…where have all the “boys & girls” gone…likely raising money.

Could the so called “mailgate”…where Democrat delegates were accused by the GOP of using  franked mail [free to delegates but not taxpayers] to contact voters in the primary…could be the beginning of charge after charge to raise questions about these same delegates…and others…in the Republican  effort to take control of the House of Delegates in 2015?

Saira Blair is the new Republican and television star…17 years old and on her way to the House of Delegates…is appearing on various national political & news shows…young Republicans on the move.

Governor Tomblin picked the right person to run his communications shop…Chris Stadelman comes with a background in the news business…the two Tomblin campaigns…has a feel for spin.  He is a professional.

Will the ground game decide many elections this fall…or will it be direct mail and telephone calls…residents of the 2nd congressional district were flooded with both…wonder how much was created by out- of- state firms…not sure WV based firms are even interested in the coming meanness.

Do Republicans believe Mooney has been drinking too much “tea”…and are beginning to  wonder about his views and approach…plus with Sen. Joe Manchin a big booster of Democrat Nick Casey…who many believe to be in the same mold as Manchin…how will that influence GOP voters…who like Manchin…some of the time.

The controversy over calling a special or general session of the legislature…could be another attempt to use it to aid those working to take over the House…look for more such efforts.

Negative campaigning has been underway in the 3rd Congressional district for months…with the conversion by Evan Jenkins to Republican…again.  Not only is an outsider running in the 2nd ….but it appears outside money will fund Jenkins.  Don’t count him out.

Mean campaigning was kicked off by Mooney…who last week in an early morning news release…attempted to catch Nick Casey off guard…asking him to attack outgoing Senator Jay Rockefeller…for remarks at a  senatorial hearing.

All seems quiet in the US Senate race…at least for the time being…maybe that race will take sharp over the summer…Capito is doing her thing now…raising money…Tennant is doing her thing now…raising money.

Finally, want to participate in Political Tidbits…send confidential gossip to news@phillipsbillboard.com.



Where’s the money?

“Where’s the money” is the question facing legislators as they enter the final stages of the 2014 legislative session.  It appears the only ideas for getting more money to balance the state budget is a tax on cigarettes or tapping into the rainy day fund.

Here some ideas that will never fly – in an already election year risk adverse Legislature – along with the strong challenge planned by Republicans to capture the House of Delegates.  But there is 2015 and someone should be looking at and researching the potential of these revenue producing opportunities as well as others.

Internet gaming could open up a world of opportunity.  Only three states (Nevada, Delaware & New Jersey) have legalized this option.  In a recent POLITICO article Keith Smith, who heads Boyd Gaming said, “… online gaming [is] an opportunity to be relevant to a new generation of customers, one that is already playing online.”  The piece noted that despite the murky legal status of online gambling, last year $6 billion of the estimated $15 billion worldwide market came from the United States.

A growing market is Advance Deposit Waging (ADW).  It is a form of betting on the outcome of horse races in which the bettor must fund their account before being allowed to place bets.  State governments receive a cut of ADW revenues.  It is not legalized in our state.

Generally, Advance Deposit Waging companies are licensed in Oregon and are known as “wagering hubs.”  These include well know names like Churchill Downs, The Racing Channel, Keeneland, TVG xpressbet.com and greyhounchannel.com.  Research would tell us how Oregon is taxing this activity.  States have long offered tax relief to attract businesses from other states.  What’s wrong with competing with Oregon for these ADW companies?

Nearby in Kentucky two tracks (Kentucky Downs and Ellis Park) have Instant Racing which are electronic pari-mutuel gaming machines, which rely on the outcome of previously run Thoroughbred races to generate winning numbers.  Kentucky Downs operates 390 machines that grossed $291.2 million in handle and averaged nearly $24.3 million per month in 2013, while Ellis Park’s 187 machines handled more than $27.7 million last year and averaged $2.3 million per month.

West Virginia already allows video lottery machines.  Maybe those thinking about the future should consider Off Track Betting.  Fans in localities where there are no race tracks could have access to simulcast racing across the country and included Instant Racing machines like in Kentucky.

Finally, let’s not forget the growing use of tablets and smartphones.  No doubt these will play an important role in future gaming experience.  These devices must be considered if state leaders decide to look at any of these concepts.

I am offering these ideas not as an advocate but with the hope those wondering “where’s  the money” will put some type of process in place to look for all opportunities – not just gaming – to avoid a certain tax increase for our citizens in 2015 if nothing is done.

Who Will Control WV Legislature?

Who Will Control WV Legislature?

Candidates begin to file for West Virginia offices tomorrow.   The 2014 election will not be like any we have seen when it comes to the WV Legislature.  A national movement has been underway which has helped both Republicans and Democrats finance their efforts to take total control of Legislatures, Governorships and enact policies not getting done in messy Washington environment.

Over the last few years as I follow national politics it became clear Alabama Republican success at winning control of state government could be a model for WV Republicans.  Just as the filing period opens today’s New York Times has a long piece, not only about Alabama, but how money is moving across state lines to impact local races.

Anyone Democrat or Republican with an interest in the outcome of the 2014 battle to control the WV Legislature will want to read about the national strategy to “help both parties consolidate local control.”

Here is the link to what could be the plan for West Virginia in 2014.