Where Are You Going?

Dec 1, 2023

MAGA is the Republican Party.  The remnants sit on Capitol Hill masquerading as the Republican National Committee in a building dedicated by President Nixon in 1971.

The building has not been abandoned.  However, Republicans are leaving the party.  The party structure still exists, state party organizations are becoming nothing but a shell.  “Old war horses” are trying to hold things together at a county level.  Most are broke or scraping by just like the Republican National Committee.

Where will those left behind by MAGA go?  Republicans like supporters of Senator Mitt Romney or former President George W. Bush.

If they join the Democrats how will this change the Democratic party?  If No Labels accomplishes its objective to get on the ballot, they will have an option.  If they become independent what’s their choice?  Will they stay home in 2024?

Will they vote for an Independent, Democrat or No Labels?

Most polls tell us Democrats do not want President Biden to run again.  Those Republicans who like Mitt Romney & George W. Bush are worried about having MAGA leader Trump head the ticket of what’s left of the Republican party.

A presidential ticket composed of Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Joe Manchin has much to offer those unhappy Republicans and Democrats.