Turn The Lights On

Oct 12, 2023


Republicans cannot find a way to turn on the lights as the U. S. House of Representatives chamber sits dark and silent. Let’s really light up the House and form a “congressional coalition government.”    

Tonight, it is obvious the fight in the broken GOP conference will continue. Rep. Steve Scalise dropped out of the Speakers race. He was the conference choice with 111 supporters. He could not find the needed 217 votes to secure the position.  

After nine days of the “GOP Chaos Caucus” there is still no Speaker. It is doubtful the 222 Republicans will be able to unite on a candidate overnight. Just hard to believe there is not one leader in the bunch.

 As a result, it’s time to experiment with a “coalition government” in the House of Representatives. There must be five Republican Members or more fed up with this mess. Such a coalition could be formed with the 212 Democrats. What’s wrong with wanting to work together to address our nation’s needs?   

 Increasingly this GOP created mess poses a threat to national stability and world order. This coalition working together could bring some stability in Congress and address pressing issues.

 Republicans in the House have become an embarrassment…even to the most committed Republicans.

 Now is not the time for more GOP games! In 36 days, the government will close. This will all be on the Republicans – who cannot get their act together.

 The Republican Member of Congress actions – or lack thereof is taking the Republican Party down the road to defeat in 2024. Not just on the congressional level but in hundreds of local and state races across the country.

 Every concerned citizen should contact their Member of Congress urging the formation of a “congressional coalition government” in the House of Representatives. b