Rights Do In The Right

Nov 8, 2023

(Editors Note:  Received this personal email from a longtime friend – Robert L. Harris.  He is an experienced and keen observer of government, politics & history.  I telephoned and asked if he would allow me to publish as a guest commentary on PhilipsBillBoard. He agreed.)

“There are women in America who do not want to die for Mike Johnson’s religious beliefs.”  That said this morning by writer and commentator Molly Jong-Fast on Morning Joe.  Maybe the best summation of the elections I heard last night or this morning.

Abortion again dominates.  “Rights” matter to Americans.

Youngkin, the next savior of the Republicans, found little kin last night and this morning.  When I went to bed shortly after midnight, Democrats had held their Senate majority and Democrats had edged up to winning a majority in the House.  There were four outstanding races, two were led by Democrats.  When I got up this morning, Democrats had won both chambers.

Should Governor Youngkin choose to work with Democrats for the people of Virginia for the next two years, not for his party’s political agenda, he can be a strong Republican Presidential candidate.

Over on the Democratic side of the aisle, Andy Bashear now moves very near the front of the line, if not the leader, for the Democrats in 2028 — should he choose to run for President.  Bashear said last night that Kentuckians won, not Republicans or Democrats, not liberals or conservatives.  Another Trump endorsed candidate loses.

Democrats increased their hold on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to 5-2.  Democrat Sarah Innermaroto won the county executive election in Allegheny County, PA.

Democrat Gabe Amo won the special election in Rhode Island to seat another Democrat in the 1st Congressional district.

Lastly, the abortion vote in Ohio amends the Constitution guaranteeing women the right to an abortion.  They have the right to choose what should be done with their bodies.

Abortion remains a loser for Republicans.  When will they figure that out?  Polling told us what to expect in Ohio.  It told us what to expect in Virginia, Kentucky and more — abortion was a key issue not just in Ohio, but also in Virginia and Kentucky.  Previous races from Kansas to Wisconsin and more told us what to expect.

Democrats did very well.  The Republican Party, the party of Trump and Trumpism, got crushed again.  Republicans have lost the 2018, 2020, 2022 elections and again now in 2023.

Let’s look at the leadership of the Republican Party at this point.  Trump dominates the Republican primaries (at least according to the polls).  Who the Republican choose will be decided by the end of March of next year.

Mike Johnson is now the Speaker of the House — second in line for the Presidency should our current President become unable to fulfill his duties.  Johnson is not a politician, he is a “bible thumper.”  He tells us so.  His political playbook is “the Bible.”

Haley, DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Christie, Pence and the rest of the Republican Party’s also rans still haven’t figured out how to communicate with the American people.  Shit, they haven’t figured out how to talk to Republicans and challenge Donald Trump for the leadership of their own party.

Five Republicans will “debate” tonight in Miami.  Let’s see how they handle the issues rejected by the people again yesterday.  If women’s right matter, which voters keep saying over and over again when it comes to a woman’s rights to choose, when will Republicans get the message?  What will “the five” left on stage have to say?

Meanwhile, the polls keep rolling in showing Trump leading the national Republican primary by 40-50 points.  He leads in state poll after state poll by 20-30 percent.

Americans won another election day yesterday.  When will the Republicans join the rest of us in our celebration of America? When will the Supreme Court.


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