Required Reading for Republicans

Apr 28, 2013

We were present for the Reagan Revolution.  Jenny and I served in the presidency of Ronald Reagan.  Often over dinner we recall the Reagan approach to government and issues.  Likewise, we discuss that the “conservatives” in today’s world must engage in redefining the Republican Party not just hold on to Reagan.

As the 2012 presidential campaign unfolded we talked about how most GOP candidates wanted to be like Reagan.  That was not the answer to defeating Obama nor is it the answer in the future.  If we continue down this path it will lead to more defeats at the presidential level.  That approach may work in some congressional elections but not in a changing America.

An analysis that fits this discussion has been written in the Right Turn blog by Jennifer Rubin.   All those engaged in the Republican Party regardless of political philosophy would be well served to read this piece in its entirety.  It is long but on target.  Click here to read.

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