Politically Risky

Oct 24, 2023


Tonight, our country finds itself with a Congress that cannot function. The House Republican Caucus has been taken hostage by former President Trump. The duly elected Republican Members of the House of Representatives are at each other throats. All the while America is facing serious issues aboard and it is days until the federal government shuts down.

It appears the House Republicans will never agree to put their differences aside and address our America’s issues. They just keep voting in hopes of picking a Speaker that meets each individuals’ beliefs. If that is the goal then this stalemate could go on until a new Congress takes office in January, 2025…with less Republican Members.

There is a solution. There must be five or ten brave Republican House members willing to make a call on House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to discuss a solution. An answer would be to agree on one of the visiting Republicans to be the House Speaker. With the agreement of the House Democrats the House (after electing the Republican Speaker) could begin addressing the Nation’s and world issues.

Yes, this is politically risky more so for the visiting Republicans. But with the Country at a standstill and the world on fire…why not?


Something similar of this took place nearly 50 years ago when Republican leaders of the U. S. Senate and House of Representatives joined together and visited President Nixon who was embattled, faced all-but-certain impeachment, conviction, and removal from office. The delegation included U. S. Senator Barry Goldwater, R-Arizona, U. S. House Minority Leader John Rhodes, R-Arizona and U S. Senator Hugh Scott, R-Pennsylvania. Nixon resigned two days later.