Political Tidbits…Day Before

Nov 5, 2012

Taking a last look at the 2012 campaign reveals little…you hardly know there is a statewide election…expect by seeing the lines at early voting places…Governor Tomblin had to deal with a lady named Sandy…candidate Maloney put his last dollars into a newspaper ad aimed at state employees…other than the AG race and Agriculture…there is little statewide activity.

That is far from true as Republicans work to level the playing field in the House of Delegates…there are some strong candidates in unexpected placesfunding seems to have exceeded past efforts…for some reason GOP candidate recruitment  left seven Senate Democrats unopposed…not good as real change in government policy can come from the Legislature.

Controversy has entered the Agriculture Commissioners race…some way Walt Helmick’s PR firm headed by a lobbyist Tom Susman…sent unsolicited emails to the work accounts of state employees…wonder where those lists came from…rumors continue that former GOP Ag Commissioner candidate Mike Teets will go to work for Democrat Helmick…if he is successful…hard to believe knowing Teets.

WV asks where is Mitt Romney…he is working for WV coal in the battleground states… trying to round up 270 electoral votes…to change the leadership of EPA…we did our work in the primary to secure the nomination for Governor Romney…don’t forget he visited our state four times in his 2008 race.

Interesting GOP candidates Maloney and Morrisey teamed up with a direct mail piece…wonder how that made their colleagues seeking statewide positions feel…being left out.

Just got a briefing with the Romney campaign in Boston…the briefing focused on the battleground states…the message was one of outperforming Obama in key countiesearly voting and intensity…if last night’s unexpected rally in PA is any indication…and Obama sending Bill Clinton to four events in PA today…Governor Romney is going to be the 45th President.

Can you believe Republican JB McCuskey…who is running for the House in the 35th district…raised more money [over $100,000] for his legislative campaign…than any House or Senate candidate…he is someone to watch.

Gazette columnist Phil Kabler pointed out this morning…Shelley Moore Captio only ran one ad this election cycle…do you think she is saving her funds for a 2014 race against Sen. Rockefeller…noted Rockefeller and wife Sharon were featured in Gazette photo at the recent Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.

With national polls indicating one presidential candidate could win the popular vote…and another  Electoral College…WV Legislative candidate Robin Holstein [36th District] says the Electoral College serves state well…in a Gazette Op Ed piece this morning…worth a read here.

For your calendar…WV’s Governor will be inaugurated on January 13th and the 2013 Presidential Inauguration will be January 21st….due to the 20th falling on a Sunday…by law the President takes office on January 20th…the Oath of Office will be held in a private ceremony.

Happy Birthday to CHU…Cecil Underwood would have been 90 today.