“not going away”

Jan 12, 2024

Governor Chris Christie said he was “not going away” while suspending his presidential campaign. Fantastic news since he is the person who really knowns Donald Trump.  He left no doubt he is committed to preventing Trumps return to the oval office.

It didn’t take long for him to become a hot property.  No Labels, a bipartisan group, is reported to be making efforts to engage Christie.  They want to mount a third-party presidential effort. One that will not run the risk of taking votes from Biden and thus help Trump.

He may not want to lead their ticket…who knows. No question he wants to help keep Trump away from The White House.

No Labels could grow their effort to form a bipartisan third-party presidential ticket by engaging Governor Christie to recruit current and former national political leaders to the cause.  Who knows they might just convince him to continue his campaign as a No Labels candidate.

Here is a partial clip of his announcement in New Hampshire earlier this week.

No Labels is doing what it should be doing getting itself on the ballot in every state possible.  It is reported they now have fourteen.