My Take

Jan 16, 2024

Ron DeSantis confirmed last night it’s still all about him.  In his Iowa post-election speech, he never once thanked Iowans for their votes & hospitality.  Throughout his campaign he made a big deal of visiting all 99 counties.  MANY PEOPLE AND BUSINESES OPENED THEIR DOORS FOR HIM.  He needs a course in manners and polite behavior.  All he said was “I punched my ticket out of Iowa” – and still no “thank you.”

Anyone who has followed him since becoming Florida’s Governor knows well “its all about him.”  Almost from the beginning he pushed extreme policies on the Legislature to form a basis for a future presidential campaign.  At times it appeared they were afraid to say no, fearing he would come after them.  DeSantis sent messages that conveyed that fear. He fired two duly elected District Attorneys who disagreed with him.  The world knows he took on Disney World (Florida biggest tax generator). Why, because they took an opposite position on a piece of legislation he was advancing.

Trump has told the world he plans to be a dictator if elected.  DeSantis has been practicing for that role.  One thing he does not practice is “good manners.”  It’s all about him.