It’s Time

Jan 30, 2024

Has the time arrived for coalition government in America?  We are a two-party country. One that no longer works.  We are faced with a political environment that is getting worse each day.  Congress is divided on nearly every issue and spinning its wheels.  The national political parties have become ineffective, Congress and the current 2024 presidential campaign is a mess.

Sixty-seven percent of the American people do not want President Biden or former President Trump. Members of Congress use political messaging to address policy and the day of strong leaders who could bring people together are a thing of the past.  New voices are needed.  How did it happen?

There are individuals and organizations working today to become a force in the 2024 presidential campaign.  If some independent candidate or one offered by a third party got enough electoral college votes it could take a coalition in the U. S. House of Representatives to pick the next president.  I wrote how this would work earlier.

Do not dismiss the possibility of a third-party movement that offers a “straight talking” candidate. One who sounds like what the voters are thinking. One who could establish a coalition to address the issues people discuss over kitchen tables and can bring people together.

Maybe it’s time the third-party movement includes congressional districts and takes on the incumbent and/or the establishment. There is nothing to prevent concerned citizens from uniting behind one person with the goal being to not elect either a Republican or Democrat but the right person to the seat. Enough of this happening across America would help advance coalition government…or at least add new voices & ideas. Congress is such an important player in adopting national policy in Washington. Maybe 2024 is the first step in such a movement.