It’s About Time

Mar 27, 2020

(Editors note: The writer served on the West Virginia Racing Commission & International Association of Racing Commissioners board.)

It’s About Time

As an avid racing fan & former racing regulator I am disgusted it took the FBI and Department of Justice to uncover this unbelievable doping scheme. As currently structured, it is up to state racing commissions to clean up this mess and prevent future ones. They should be given all support needed by ALL national organizations. It is long past time for formal statements of concern. Regulators should take action today!

1. State racing commissions using their licensing powers should convene an in person mandatory meeting of track management, racing stewards, veterinarians & senior staff. Each should be put on notice they must clean up any questionable matters with dispatch. In no uncertain terms let them know their future is on the line.

2. Increase “on the ground” investigators at every track and provide “state of the art” tools & education for investigators. If necessary, ask for assistance from local law enforcement or the FBI.

3. Review and strengthen testing barn methods and protocols.

4. Immediately begin or increase unexpected out-of-competition testing at track barns and farms where racehorses reside.

5. Remove questionable “characters” from track property. No doubt those around the race track know the cheaters & droppers.

6. Protect all informants.

These actions should be communicated to the betting public and policy makers. They are looking for state regulators to step up and stop doping and cheaters.

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