Jun 28, 2024

Joe Biden is first an American and then a Democrat.  Saving our American democracy has been and continues to be his principal campaign issue. President Biden had a setback last night.  He must now consider what to do that will not adversely impact his issue…saving democracy.

There is the political side of remaining in the race.  First, we cannot allow MAGAMOUTH to win and put our country at risk.  The stakes are high across the world.  A wall must be built to stop the insane and crazy policy ideas outlined for MAGAMOUTH in the Heritage Foundation’s 2025 book.

For example…placing the entire Executive Branch of the federal government under direct presidential control.  Other policies would eliminate the independence of the Department of Justice, FBI and other agencies. The wall to prevent these ideas from happening must be a Congress controlled by Democrats.

Polls will begin rolling out conveying how voters reacted to the debate.  Doubt many Biden supporters loved the debate but certainly will not change their Biden vote.  MAGAMOUTH supporters will just get louder.

An important factor is not to tear apart the August Democratic National Convention.  Lord knows no one wants a repeat of Chicago 1968.

Last night was unbelievable.  Let’s not forget about President Biden’s accomplishments.


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