Florida Constitution Abused

Aug 15, 2023


The Constitution needs changed as officials elected “by the people” are being removed from office.

Why It Matters:

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has removed elected officials at a rate greater than precious governors.
  • Not all have committed a crime. But DeSantis “judgement” they neglected their duty, were incompetent or misused their authority.
  • Replacements were often Republican allies – placed in Democrat areas – likely preparing for their run for office.
  • Prosecutors sound alarms about GOP consolidating judicial circuits.

If a removed official was accused of committing a crime…should they not be judged by a jury of their peers…rather than a Governor?

My Opinion:

  • The Florida Constitution needs refreshed spelling out a process to assure elected officials are not being removed for political purposes. Those accused of committing a crime need access to a speedy trial…so their constituents get services.
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