Mar 4, 2019

I am disgusted. What’s going on in the Republican Party in West Virginia?

Though I no longer reside or vote in West Virginia I spent a lifetime there building the Republican Party and advancing the two party system.

What took place during WV GOP day at the Capitol last week disgusts me. Messaging that included posters and pamphlets that were anti-Muslin, anti-immigrant and anti-refugee.

This puts the icing on the cake that has been baking for while in the Republican Party.

Our State has a Republican Governor (?) and control of both Houses of the Legislature. Thus, they should not turn a blind eye as to what is displaying at special days at the Legislature when the work of various organizations and industries is recognized.

Where is responsible leadership? I can tell you neither Arch Moore nor Cecil Underwood would have put up with what’s been going on in the Republican Party for a minute.

Maybe it’s time for “old timers” like me to step up and take over – until the Party grows up.

If only I was still there!

Post Script

If you have not heard what took place or read the news recently click HERE.  Steve Allen Adams, an accomplished statehouse reporter, provides insight and his opinion.