Dec 4, 2023

Read all about it!

Democracy is at stake in the 2024 election at all levels.  One of the greatest threats is the loss of local newspapers.  As a native West Virginian and advocate for rural America my immediate concern is how rural areas are being impacted.

A report “The State of Local News 2023” turned up this information.  “Residents in more than half of the U. S. counties have no, or very limited, access to a reliable local news source – either print, digital or broadcast.”  60 million Americans reside in rural America. That’s 1 in 5!

“Democracy Relies on Local Newspapers” author Serge Schmemann, points out “..,newspapers were the building blocks of community, democracy, politics. Their loss is a major reason behind the acute polarization and political confusion we are suffering today.”

Readers of this blog are no doubt concerned about the polarization and political confusion on the future of democracy.  Invest a few minutes in reading “Democracy Relies on Local Newspapers.”  It will open eyes on the importance of local newspapers to democracy.