Nov 3, 2023

After fourteen years of Phillipsbillboard it’s time to expand.  Our blog will continue to be sent as a newsletter.  However, our expansion will allow us to post the blog directly to the Internet.  To access it via the Internet just type in

A website has been developed to be known as  By going to it you can search any blog posted over these years.  It’s simple just type in a word, organization or person and the results will come right up.  This will allow you to read something posted as far back as 2009.

Those reading “The Billboard” via the Internet are able to sign up for the newsletter to come directly to their inbox.  That way they will never miss a post.  All you need is to click on the “Connect” tab and fill out the form.

By using social media platforms, we created a Phillipsbillboard Twitter (now known as X) and Facebook accounts…be sure to go there and follow.

A new thing…Phillipsbillboard social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook) will share news from various newspapers, journals, opinion columns and other blogs.  This keeps you current and allows lengthier items to be shared…but you must follow those accounts.