Balance the Numbers

Aug 28, 2023

Get Even

While waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Idalia started thinking about how politics had changed. When I got interested, the Democrats were totally in charge at home (West Virginia). Today the opposite is the case with Republicans in control of every level of state government.

 Friends ask why I was a Republican when I was not even old enough to vote. My answer then as now is we need a strong two-party system. That’s how we get our best government. The Democratic Party in my homeland needs to be rejuvenated for the same reason I have gave over 60 years ago.

 Though I am a new observer of Florida politics it appears the Democrats need rejuvenated. Particularly the Legislature. It’s time to even the numbers to assure discussion of matters related to home insurance, immigration, healthcare and so many other kitchen table issues. Not every policy should be dictated by the state’s executive – be they Republican or Democrat.

 Let me offer this example of what happens when the numbers are not balanced – or one-party controls everything. Just days ago, West Virginia Governor Justice called a special session of the Legislature to consider 44-items. The call came 32 minutes before the session. The Senate & House of Delegates suspended the constitutional rules to read the bills on three separate days and rushed 35 bills to final passage within 51 hours.

 The people’s voice should not be silence as it was done in West Virginia with no opportunity to have a say in those 35 bills. Not unlike what has been going on in the Florida Legislature when DeSantis disciples approve unquestioned whatever he recommends.