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Democrats Dilemma

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Democrats current dilemma in West Virginia is not unlike that confronted by Republicans over the last fifty years.  During those years Republicans seemed only to win elections with candidates named Moore or Underwood.  The Party was never strong, organized, well financed, working together or developing the future.  Besides, with few exceptions, the GOP faced the problem of Democrats voting a straight ticket.

All that began to change in 1996.  Though the national Democratic ticket was headed by popular incumbent President Bill Clinton, Democrat voters showed they knew how to crossover.   WV Democrats helped Republicans elect the only non-incumbent Governor in the nation that year – Cecil Underwood.  Little did anyone realize or think then the GOP dilemma was being transferred to the Democrats.

Like the Republicans in the 20th Century only a few famous names Byrd, Randolph, Rockefeller and more recently Manchin have carried the Democrats to victory.  Though Democrats have won statewide Board of Public Works offices the 2011 primary special election for Governor showed none have emerged to take the place of the famous.

A two-party system appears to be in the making for West Virginia.

It started seventeen years ago with Underwood getting majority party voters to place an X by his name.  The next step was in 2000 when voters made Governor George W. Bush the first non-incumbent Republican presidential candidate to carry the WV in seventy years.  Another Moore (Shelley Moore Capito) entered the scene that year winning a seat in Congress while Bush won again in 2004 and the Republican legislative pick up in 2012.  There have been other GOP wins in state races strengthening the move to a two party state.

Not sure what is happening in the Democrat party, but from the outside the dilemma appears to me not unlike what Republicans have faced for fifty years, too few known names, a lack of organization, adequate funds, a united team and a bench to assure the future.

West Virginia will be the winner if the dilemma ends for both parties.  Nothing would be better for our State than the checks and balances brought on by a strong two party system.

Republican Bank Is Open

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Republican activists should be aware the State Party is now paying for mailings and phone calls for candidates in non-partisan elections.  Just open these links and see for yourself.

I recall Republican legislative candidates in the 2012 election who desperately needed this type assistance.  This kind of help might have made the differences in the make-up of the current House of Delegates.

Based on this development it appears if you are a Republican running for a non-partisan election – or more importantly a partisan election you should call on the WV Republican Party to provide costly assistance.

Maybe this is a new endeavor on the part of the Party and was never discussed or voted on in Party meetings.

Republicans Are Ready for Capito

Monday, July 19th, 2010

WV Republicans in the Legislature have scored a victory for Rep. Shelley Moore Capito.  The new law provides an opportunity for Capito to run for the Senate seat and for re-election to her House seat if she wants.

Now we know the real hold up in passing the legislation Governor Manchin proposed.

National Review reported Friday Rep. Capito was spending the weekend working on plans for a run if the opportunity presented itself.  The opportunity is here.  She has until Friday to announce her intentions.  Republican sources said today Capito is on the edge of making the race.

It has always been thought there was a close relationship between the Manchin and Moore families.  Capito’s father former Governor Moore represented West Virginia’s first congressional district for years in which the Manchin family resided.  It has been said there would never be a race between Moore Capito and a Manchin. 

That idea was put aside last week when Capito said “that is a myth.”

Should this race materialize it will make political history.  Capito has been a strong voice for West Virginia in Congress and Governor Manchin has brought positive attention to the State.

It appears GOP candidates have a real opportunity in both the First and Third congressional districts.  Electing Capito to the U. S. Senate and two Republicans to the U. S. House of Representatives would be real West Virginia political history. 

Manchin says he will announce his intentions Tuesday morning at 10 AM.

Republicans are on the edge of their seats waiting for word from Capito.

The Fix

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Across the nation the process and politics to send another West Virginian to the United States Senate is receiving  attention.  The Fix, a Washington Post Political News and Analysis column is one of the most interesting.

Democrat and Republican operatives as well as West Virginia voters will find this fascinating.  The members of the Legislature may be in for the most usual special session ever.

Democrat Governor’s Race Continues in Central WV

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Central West Virginia Democrats must think the primary election for Governor is near.

Serving as Marshal of the Grand Feature Parade at the Barbour County Fair this week was House Speaker Richard Thompson (D – Wayne, District 17).  The Speaker is known to be interested in running for Governor.

Potential candidates since June worked the crowd at Delegate Mike Ross (D-Randolph) Coalton Days lawn party and appeared at the Friends of Blackwater event in Canaan Valley.  Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin (D – Logan, District 7) is slated to crown the Queen at the Mountain State Forest Festival in Elkins.

Over Labor Day weekend I expect likely candidates will be found in Clarksburg at the Italian Festival and in Lewis County at the Arts & Craft event.

Wonder where the potential Republican candidates are appearing?

Melody Potter leads for Republicans in Satellite Voting Questions

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Every West Virginia voter should thank Melody Potter for raising important questions about satellite early voting.  The Republican Party of WV really owes Ms. Potter.  State party leaders never even appointed a committee or form a task force to look at the consequences of this issue.

The Legislature passed a bill earlier this year to permit counties to conduct early voting as locations other than the courthouse.  The reason given for the bill was to allow additional convenience to voters.  

Speaking of convenience you can cast an absentee ballot from the privacy of your home for almost any reason for years.  Then there is the new form of early voting that takes place at the courthouse for twenty days prior to an election.  I bet most people get to their county seat at least monthly.

This is not a partisan issue.  I am sure there are members of both parties who filed comments, ask questions and provided ideas to the proposed rule filed by the Secretary of State.

Ms. Potter who serves as Chair of the Kanawha Republican Committee has asked some excellent questions.  You can find these in her letter.  Just click and read.

Thanks Melody.