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Tidbits…from State GOP Meeting

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

It was a quite meeting…..despite a nasty race for state chairman which included paid consultants…..friends against friends… versus old…..but it may have been noisy in the backrooms……only the parliamentarian  Roger Hanshaw knows.

Mike Stuart who advanced an activist agenda…..soundly removed outgoing Chairman Doug McKinney from office.  Wonder if McKinney’s little white house…..opposite the state capitol…..will now be painted red?

New faces were seen at the state committee meeting…..along with those who have long served…..maybe Stuart’s first order of business should be a culture change.

Stuart lead a standing prolonged ovation for Doug and Sue McKinney…..they had worked hard…..contributed time and personal resources…..not everyone agreed with Chairman McKinney all the time….but a well deserved thank you …..shows unity is in the air.

Unless they had come and gone…..none of the GOP candidates for the U. S. House of Representatives were to be seen…..but there were Warners around every corner. At least one is seeking office…..Mac Warner wants to be a United States Senator… May he wanted to be a member of the House…..rumor had it Kris Warner wants to be the new ED of the State Party.

Senate candidate John Raese was the winner yesterday…..he backed Stuart hosting a morning breakfast.   A Rasmussen poll released Friday shows likely voters with Raese picking up 35% and Governor Manchin 51%. 

For a while it looked like Rick Snuffer a GOP worker from Southern WV…..was going to be a unity candidate…..he was nominated for State Chair.  Not needed unity seemed the order of the day…..but Republicans are normally quiet and reserved… public.

A lot of support for Governor Mitt Romney…..still exists…..the big question was will he run again.

In 2008 Republicans had some attractive statewide candidates…..the only one to show up Saturday was Mike Teets…..he nearly defeated 50 plus year Ag Commissioner Gus Douglass…..Teets is a strong candidate…..he worked the room…..creating talk if he would run again…..maybe even for different state office.

Marty Gearhart from Mercer County…..was impressive in his nomination speech for Stuart…..Republicans need him on a list for the 2012 election…..maybe statewide.

Finally…..the ugly came…..former WV Congressman Mike Staton…..offered a motion to close the meeting to only Republicans…..boy was that soundly defeated… one could believe the move…..particularly when it takes Democrat voters for Republicans to win… WV.

Underwood Interns continue as bright spot in the party…..prior to the Saturday they offered another GOP Summit…..maybe that set the tone for the day.  Shane Wilson deserves applause for this vision.

After the hard fought First Congressional District race in May…..former Senator Sarah Minear and Cindy Hall were visible at the meeting…..don’t ever count Minear out…..she has thought about a statewide race before…..of course Mac Warner who also lost that race was around the corner.

The politically astute wife (Sue) of outgoing Chair Doug McKinney…..moved  herself to the podium at the meetings end…..saying they would still be around…..and to remember what this is all about… is electing Republicans.

Stuart is off to a good start…..Democrats will find him an aggressive opponent…..Republicans will find him hard working.

A Lesson for Republicans

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

The public, state officials, editorials, political leaders and letters to the editor are calling out for an election to name a replacement for the late Senator Byrd.  They want to vote.

Remember when Republican Party leaders under the chairmanship of Rob Capehart decided to hold a state convention in 2008 which disenfranchised registered Republicans.  They had no vote or say in who should be the presidential nominee that year.  

This experiment may have been well intended but was conceived without much study or public research.  Convention organizers would tell you every Republican had an opportunity to participate/vote.

 Well the system devised was so complicated and kept changing even those involved could not understand it.  The real problem is registered Republicans did not get to vote on who would represent them at the national convention.

This should never happen again.

There is a campaign underway to select a Republican State Chairman.  Members of the State Executive Committee should seek a pledge from the current candidates for Chairman or any candidate to emerge that they will not support a similar effort in 2012.

Republicans across the state should be able to vote in a primary on delegates to represent them at a national convention.

RNC Enters WV State Chairman’s Race

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Michael Steele has put himself in the middle of the race to select a Chairman of the Republican Party in WV.  He has no business doing so. 

Chairman Steele yesterday announced the RNC will establish a West Virginia Victory campaign and an “in-state political operation” to ensure Republican candidates are successful in November.  That is a worthy and needed goal.  But making this commitment two weeks before a hotly contested Chairman’s race is suspect.

Are the funds to pay for this “on the ground” operation the same as current GOP Chairman McKinney spoke about in June when he announced he will seek re-election?  He indicated in a letter the RNC had “budgeted nearly $100,000 to Victory to help elect Republicans in 2010.” 

It is so unbelievable a Chairman of any national political committee would involve themselves in the internal affairs of a state party choosing a Chairman.  Guess you can expect anything from Steele.  He has been nothing but a problem for national Republicans since his election.

State party members may find this involvement offensive.  It could back fire on Chairman McKinney and assist his opponent Mike Stuart who is waging a strong campaign.

Again, Michael Steele needs to step aside before he does more damage to the party.

Will WV Republicans be relevant in 2012?

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

That question will be answered by the preparation, actions and results in the November 2010 election.  West Virginia Republicans face challenges starting with participation in its own organization.  At a recent Martinsburg meeting only 37 out of 133 members of the State Executive Committee were in attendance.  It was reported only 15 county organizations were represented.  Why?  I will leave that answer to others.

 What needs done now?

First, Republican activists need to support the current leadership.  Any disagreement with their approach to managing the party can be resolved with a new State Executive Committee next summer.

Second, these leaders need to develop party building programs and grassroots training.  The focus of these should be to get registered Republicans to the polls.  In addition, offering a menu of support to potential candidates is vital to success in 2010.

Third, every county should conduct an inventory for potential candidates.  Are there municipal officeholders, former public officials or candidates who almost made it in a previous election?  Is there a community leader who could be encouraged to enter public service?  A VIP recruitment effort should follow.

Fourth, tap the knowledge of successful candidates and those who have run campaigns.  Don’t forget former party leaders.  Experience is a wonderful teacher.

Fifth, build a communications network.  In today’s world this does not require major expenditures.

 It seems State Republicans focus significant attention on raising funds.  Maybe it is time to devote the same energy and emphasis to raising people.