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Capito/Tomblin Front Runners for Governor

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Public Policy Polling released a survey late this afternoon that indicates Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito as the front runner for Governor.  She is not expected to enter the contest.   Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin captures the front runner status with Capito out of the race.  The results provide an updated insight to where such a race would stand today.  To learn more click on the above link.

Political Tidbits…..

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Governor Manchin kept his word…..he will not go to the Senate but remain in office as promised for his full term…..but the Governor got a little help from SOS Natalie Tennant…..she says the law does not require a special election to fill the Byrd seat…..wonder if she hopes that decision may earned a Manchin endorsement for Governor in 2012.

Now who is on Manchin’s list for appointment to the U. S. Senate…..he has a record of appointing family members…..just ask Gayle…Mark….or young Joe….could Gayle make history by serving as First Lady and a United States Senator…..not sure about US history but that would make the political history books in WV?  Then there is a Governor’s race in 2012!

Has Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin been left at the altar…..don’t count him out…..he has the ability to make a fast start as a United States Senator…..teamed with Senator Rockefeller they could work the system for coal and other WV issues…..a case can be made that this interim appointment could advance his candidacy for Governor in 2012.

Rumor has it that two smart ladies are running the Stuart for Chairman campaign to lead the Republican Party… they did not write or approve the now famous Stuart email attacking the strategy of Chairman McKinney in his re-election bid.  Bet the cause was not helped by the DM piece.

Mark Sorsaia is quietly moving across the state meeting with Republican leaders…..he will get to everyone before filing time…..remember he is exploring a potential candidacy for Governor…..who is the mystery candidate with a name… money…..but the potential to draw Democrats in 2010?

List making is a big business today…..everyone has one as to who Manchin will name…..a long time friend who knows politics sent this list…..Hardesty…Barth…Tomblin…Caperton.  Then there is his smart wife’s names…..a Gayle Manchin…Marie Prezioso…Don Nehlen…Mike Garrison…and the list goes on.

Democrat Governor’s Race Continues in Central WV

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Central West Virginia Democrats must think the primary election for Governor is near.

Serving as Marshal of the Grand Feature Parade at the Barbour County Fair this week was House Speaker Richard Thompson (D – Wayne, District 17).  The Speaker is known to be interested in running for Governor.

Potential candidates since June worked the crowd at Delegate Mike Ross (D-Randolph) Coalton Days lawn party and appeared at the Friends of Blackwater event in Canaan Valley.  Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin (D – Logan, District 7) is slated to crown the Queen at the Mountain State Forest Festival in Elkins.

Over Labor Day weekend I expect likely candidates will be found in Clarksburg at the Italian Festival and in Lewis County at the Arts & Craft event.

Wonder where the potential Republican candidates are appearing?

Manchin Traveling, Tomblin Moving North

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

A West Virginia tradition has been for the Governor to crown the Queen at the Mountain State Forest Festival in Elkins.  The Inter-Mountain has reported Governor Manchin will be on an out-of-country trip.

Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin (D – Logan District 7th) will crown Maid Silvia.  Tomblin is West Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.

The political twist to all this is in 2004 Governor Bob Wise did not crown Maid Silvia.  Then former President of Davis & Elkins College Dr. G. Thomas Mann did the honors.  Tomblin was Lieutenant Governor in 2004.

Why is this year different?   Could it be that Rammie Baker, Tomblin’s chief of staff told reporter Carra Higgins, “…..Senator Tomblin is a major contender for the governorship in 2012, but has not yet made up his mind about running.”

President Tomblin added to the 2012 speculation when Higgins reported he understands the significance his representation will mean, “…actually tieing in both parts of the state, north and south, as one.”

Act One for WV Democrats

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Act One in the 2012 Democratic gubernatorial primary played out yesterday in the Legislature.

House Speaker Richard Thompson (D-Wayne) and Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin (D-Logan) both are known as wanting to be Governor.  Labor supported Thompson for Speaker in 2007 and Tomblin has been in the Legislature 35 years.

Governor Manchin had wanted to give state employees and public school teachers a $500 bonus.  The Thompson led House permitted lawmakers to amend the request to give retired public employees a $266 check.  This would double the cost to taxpayers.

Think about the 2012 Governor’s race and you can see where this is going.

 At the request of Governor Manchin the Senate lead by Tomblin adjourned saying no to the House amendment.  The Charleston Gazette noted this was the first time since 1987 that one house adjourned without the consent of the other.

Wonder who Manchin will support in 2012?

Governors Race Underway…..In Coalton

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

The 2012 race for the Democratic nomination for Governor got underway Saturday. 

Watching the potential candidates you would have thought the election was next week.  They worked the crowd and created excitement during the annual Coalton Days homecoming celebration.  One even passed out campaign buttons.

The scene was a lawn party hosted by Delegate Mike Ross where his guests, town folks and family ate his famous Coalton Days Italian lunch.

Having attended this feast for years I would have thought they came for food.  But I don’t believe that was the case!  Meeting and greeting was the order of the day for:

o  Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin

o   House Speaker Richard Thompson

o  Senator Jeffrey V. Kessler

o  Senator Walt Helmick

o   Secretary of State Natalie Tennant

o   State Treasurer John D. Perdue

There were other current and former Legislators there.  Not sure if they were thinking about a run for Governor or not.  But there is no doubt about the others. 

A homemade parade featured local twirlers, the spaghetti cooks from the Coalton Catholic Church, fire trucks, area queens and of course the candidates.   Attorney General Darrel McGraw’s van known to never miss a parade was on hand. 

A lawnmower race between Governor Joe Manchin and Coach Bob Huggins followed the parade.  Not sure who won that one.

Who says everything happens in Charleston?