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Governors Race Heats Up

Friday, January 21st, 2011

GOVERNOR TOMBLIN is trying to return order to the affairs of government…..he returned to his Senate chair this morning…..word is he will offer legislation for a WEST VIRGINIA DAY primary election and an October election for Governor…..this will not be the last word as senior legislative players angle for what works to their advantage…..which could be a party convention… current law provides…..stay tuned.

It could be the Year of the Woman in this election…..Natalie Tennant vs. Betty Ireland…..if the boys don’t get their act together…..and what about Justice Robin Davis…..she stayed out of the Supreme Court consideration of this election issue…..saying she might seek statewide office in 2012…..with the financial resources at her disposal…..2012 could turn into 2011…..if there is a primary.

Never discount Jim Lees in a Governor’s race…..ask Sen. Manchin what happen in the 1996 primary when Lees entered…..and recall he was a last minute entry in 2004 Democrat primary…..Lees offered an op-ed piece about the current “crisis”… only he can do…..THIS IS A MUST READ.

The Republican field for Governor may get bigger…..a draft John Raese effort has been launched…..details were printed in The Dominion Post…..owned by Raese…..conservative GOP workers…..and Tea Party activists are at the ready…..from his recent Senate campaign.

Candidates for Governor… least three were actively working the receptions before the WVU-Marshall basketball game…..Governor Tomblin…..and the two SOS women…..Natalie Tennant and Betty Ireland…..there must have been others working in their own quite circles.

Sen. Clark Barnes appears to be running his campaign for Governor…..from the Senate floor questioning what has taken place since January 12th…..and in the Charleston newspapers which is heavily covering the ongoing hangover in the Senate.

Using the same tactic is House Speaker Thompson also a candidate for Governor…..he is attacking Governor Tomblin in the Charleston media…..all the while Senate revolt leader Jeff Kessler must be wondering what happen when Senate President Tomblin showed up to convene the Senate.

Ballot Lawsuit Coming?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The PHILLIPSBILLBOARD.COM Sunday called attention to the single ballot planned for WV’s November election.  It suggested Republicans should be concerned.  At this point   Governor Manchin and Republican John Raese should be concerned.  They should step forward and insist on a separate ballot.  There has been enough controversy about how to replace Senator Byrd.   The Charleston Daily Mail reported a potential lawsuit is possible

Manchin Raese Race Heats Up

Monday, August 30th, 2010

These are not normal times.  A Rasmussen poll taken after Saturday’s special primary election reveals a close race developing for the U. S. Senate seat of the late Senator Byrd. It appears the big factor is the “drag of Barrack Obama” is having on Governor Manchin.

Manchin’s Challenges

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

After Saturday’s election I have had time to reflect on the forthcoming November election while completing a driving vacation.

You may recall a Rasmussen survey in July where seventy-one percent (71%) of West Virginia voters approved of the job Governor Manchin is doing as governor, while 28% disapproved. 

The same report found that only 32% of the state’s voters approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president after receiving 43% of the state’s votes in the 2008 Presidential Election.  Rasmussen reported in July – note July – that Sixty-seven percent (67%) disapprove.  According to the report this is a higher level of criticism in West Virginia than results found nationally in the Rasmussen Reports.

Therein lays one of the three challenges facing Governor Manchin in the November election. 

The first challenge is apathy among West Virginia voters.  Early numbers says only 12% voted Saturday.  It is likely everyone expected Manchin to be successful.  If that is the case he has a serious problem.  Elections are won on turnout.

Secondly, President Obama will be a drag on Governor Manchin.  Just look at the way West Virginians viewed Barack Obama in July.  Manchin must find a way to disconnect himself from the policies of Obama – even those he previous thought might be of value to our State.

Third, the spending record of John Raese is well known.  You can bet within days candidate Raese will be up with radio and television ads defining Governor Manchin.  Even though Manchin is viewed favorably by voters this can be dangerous.

All one has to do is look at recent primary elections across the country to see these are not normal times. 

Television ads, image building and other modern campaign techniques carry the day in normal times.

The winner in this Senate race will be determined by turnout.