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Coming To The USA?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Healthcare reform continues to drive the mid-term elections and the down fall of President Obama.  While traveling I had an opportunity to read the comments of the new president of the Canadian Medical Association.   He appears to be sounding the alarm of what to expect from the Obama administration’s health care initiative passed by the Democrats in Congress.  The Globe and Mail Canada’s National Newspaper carried this story.  Read and decide

My Reaction

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

First, let me say I believe we need to find a way to provide healthcare to those who need it but without destroying our current system.  I believe Americans are willing to fix the healthcare system but will not buy into schemes that break the bank.

Now let’s talk about the political drama in the House Chamber.  I am not sure the speech will re-energize Obama’s healthcare plan.  He may get a few days of increased support but that will soon change.

Nor do I believe his call for the “bickering to end” will be heeded.

The speech was full of confusing details.  More importantly I am concerned about Obama’s statement “significant details need to be worked out”.  However, it was clever that he offered a plan building on others’ ideas who were seated in the House Chamber.

I thought the objective last night was to clarify his plan.

The speech did not move in a direction that would create a bipartisan environment to accomplish healthcare reform.  It was conciliatory in part but overall it sounded like a partisan campaign speech.

That said I thought he was trying to show Congress and the Nation he is a strong political leader – not just a strong candidate.

He still sounded like a candidate to me.

Any Healthcare Bill Will Do

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Obama has been struggling with healthcare reform since entering the presidency.  The problem is two fold.

First, he turned the drafting of legislation over to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Secondly, he never could explain what they had done or settle on what he wanted.

Now that he has reached a make-or-break point after nearly eight months as president Obama says he will be more “prescriptive”.  He needs a healthcare bill to keep his legislative agenda alive – any bill.

Without some form of healthcare success, cap and trade, revamping the country’s financial structure and his many other initiatives are frozen in place.

This week’s presidential address to re-energize Obama’s healthcare fiasco is just a front.

The real effort to be more “prescriptive” started on the Sunday talk shows. 

 The message I heard was that the Administration would be happy with anything – as a foundation to start another run at turning healthcare over to the government.