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Manchin Declares War on EPA

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Governor Manchin is preparing to lead a battle against the Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after its decision to review 23 pending coal-mine permits.  He spoke with MetroNews Talkline from Berlin, Germany.

Joining in the war Obama has declared on the economy of West Virginia is Congresswoman Capito.  She expressed her concerns about the economic impact the EPA decision will have on the Appalachian region.

In a related attack on West Virginia is a new Senate climate bill (Cap and Trade) being pushed by President Obama in Congress.  Senators Byrd & Rockefeller are concerned about this legislation today in The Charleston Gazette.

Other soldiers in the WV congressional delegation joining Representative Capito in voting against the American Clean Energy & Security Act (Cap and Trade) in June were Representatives Mollohan & Rahall.

On the front lines already has been the Friends of Coal and a new organization FACES of Coal fighting to protect the economy of West Virginia communities.

Let’s hope Representatives Mollohan & Rahall soon take up arms against the Obama administration as it attempts to shut down the mining industry. 

The votes of our West Virginia delegation are important to the success of the Obama plan to restructure healthcare.  President Obama should think about that when he decides to attack our coal miners, their communities and our economy.

Obama Takes Two Hits at West Virginia in Five Days

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Last Friday world leaders in Pittsburgh for the Group of 20 summit agreed to phase out fossil fuel subsides.  The Obama administration championed the wording of the statement according to The Washington Post.

The wording of the statement was a signal from the world’s most influential nations they are taking an initial step away from the fossil fuels that power their economies.

Five days later the Obama led Environmental Protection Agency has delayed  79 pending coal-mine permits for more detailed reviews by the EPA water quality staff and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Twenty-three of these are in West Virginia.

Add this to the push Obama is making to have Congress pass Cap and Trade legislation that will impact the coal mining industry.

It appears President Obama’s team has declared war on the West Virginia economy.

Any Healthcare Bill Will Do

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Obama has been struggling with healthcare reform since entering the presidency.  The problem is two fold.

First, he turned the drafting of legislation over to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Secondly, he never could explain what they had done or settle on what he wanted.

Now that he has reached a make-or-break point after nearly eight months as president Obama says he will be more “prescriptive”.  He needs a healthcare bill to keep his legislative agenda alive – any bill.

Without some form of healthcare success, cap and trade, revamping the country’s financial structure and his many other initiatives are frozen in place.

This week’s presidential address to re-energize Obama’s healthcare fiasco is just a front.

The real effort to be more “prescriptive” started on the Sunday talk shows. 

 The message I heard was that the Administration would be happy with anything – as a foundation to start another run at turning healthcare over to the government.

Keep Your Guard Up On Cap-and-Trade

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The writers of the Politico piece “Obama’s Big Band could go bust” posted here earlier implies diminished prospects for winning final passage of a cap-and-trade legislation this year.

I have been thinking this may not be the case.  If President Obama loses the health-care reform battle I believe he will need a significant legislative victory before Congress adjourns for the year.  Thus, new life could be given to the cap-and- trade legislation in the Senate.

All West Virginians should keep their guard up on this one.

Obama’s Big Bang

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

For the political junkies that read I came across this Politico piece.  I thought it was an interesting explanation of Team Obama’s policy strategy. 

West Virginians will be pleased to read these writers believe passage of cap-and trade’s prospects are dimmed.

New Approach to Lobby Cap and Trade

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Emails were flying asking West Virginians to contact their Representative when the U. S. House of Representatives considered the Cap and Trade legislation.  The effort was successful and all voted no.  But the bill passed.

The action now is in the Senate. 

I bet there are Senators that are not getting a lot of pressure from home.  Let’s turn it up.

Let’s get our West Virginia friends and relatives living in every state to contact their Senator.  Just get out your Christmas card list and go to work.    

The message to be delivered is simple.

o  My native West Virginia family and friends will loss their jobs if Cap and Trade is passed. 

o  The House bill requires utilities to produce at least 12 percent of their power from wind and solar – that means less coal will be produced costing jobs. 

o  In West Virginia when coal jobs go so do others.  All kinds retail, flower shops, service, professional jobs.  Just any kind of job you can think of will be lost.

o  Finally, I understand that Cap and Trade will cause our electric bills to increase while jobs are being lost.  There is something wrong with this picture.

When you reach out to have your family and friends call their Senator, assure them this is easy.  Just call the Capitol switchboard 202.224.3121 and ask for their Senator’s office.

I worked there and know the impact this can have on a Senator.