Political Tidbits

WHAT A WEEK…..John Raese moves ahead in poll put out by a Democratic leaning NC firm…..was this a ploy to motivate the Democrat base…..if so the opposite happened…..the poll lit a fire of enthusiasm among WV Republicans…..they increased nasty “Media Alerts”…..not to be out done…..today GOP Senate Committee purchased $1 million in television buys.

Manchin has moved his campaign to the next level…..rumor has it his successful political team from previous elections has taken charge…..that will motivate Democrats …..this cannot be measured in a poll…..at least not until November 2nd.

Don’t overlook the TV buy includes the Washington, DC media market…..that is how you reach Eastern WV voters…..if you have the money.

After the mention of the “Fire Pelosi” hat Donna Gosney National Committeewoman is wearing to events…..the state GOP headquarters has had dozens of requests.

Not sure when the State Democrats hold their JJ Dinner…..but you can bet it will not be a Joe & John affair.

The Senate campaign feels a lot like the Bush/Gore 2000 race…..watch for national visitors to start arriving…..State Republicans feel an important U. S. Senator is coming to help…..don’t place a bet against Bill Clinton coming to help Manchin.

It has been the enthusiasm of Republicans and the Tea Party…..that made the turnout news in the primary season…..it is beginning to happen here…..many county GOP organizations did not hold a traditional Lincoln Day Dinners in February…..there are a bunch on tap now.

Insiders say Spike Maynard is on his way to Congress…..the only thing standing in the way is turnout…..Rahall’s 17 terms may not serve him well in today’s anti- establishment environment.

Back to the $1 million TV buy…..The Fix, a Washington Post political column, says the NRSC willingness to put its money where its mouth is puts Senate Democrats in an interesting spot.  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a number of endangered incumbents they need to protect in places like Colorado, Wisconsin, California and Nevada – but also can’t afford to ignore a seat like West Virginia where they have a top-tier candidate in a winnable race.

What a TV battle going on in the First Congressional district…..this could be a close one between McKinley and Oliverio….. in that district the establishment [Mollohan]   was ousted in May.

Bob Byrd played his fiddler to enter Congress…..will Joe Manchin’s weekend motorcycle ride do the same for him?


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