Pennsylvania 12

The morning after Pennsylvania 12 it was suggested here in Political Tidbits that Republicans needed a new approach.  This was the one race on Tuesday pitting a Republican and Democrat against each other.  The GOP fell short. 

In a postmortem memo prepared by a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) pollster he joined some pundits who say the high-profile Senate primary brought forth a surge of Democratic voters.  That may be.

This setback may be a blessing.  Expectations have been too high for a GOP takeover of the House in November.  It’s time for the reassessment that appears underway by the NRCC.  Any review should remember what House Speaker Tip O’Neill said, “all politics is local”.

Lessons from the rout in Pennsylvania 12 were addressed in a WSJ “Review & Outlook” commentary.  They addressed a greater concern that being if Republican National Chairman Michael Steele is up to the job.  It’s worth a read.


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