Glad I am Not An Incumbent Democrat

President Obama made it clear he does not care about the re-election of Democrats as he wrapped up the health care summit.

After warning if there is not enough serious effort in a month’s time “….then I think we’ve got to go ahead and make some decisions,” the president said, “and then that’s what elections are for.”

That is good news for Republicans.

The outlook for Democrats in 2010 is already grim.  Now Obama is going to “hang them out to dry” by forcing a vote in Congress of his unpopular health care reform legislation.  

Does he not hear the people?  They spoke clearly in a USA TODAY/Gallup poll just two days before his Blair House summit.  By a 49% to 42% margin they oppose Congress passing a healthcare bill similar to the one proposed by President Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate. 

The same poll found an even larger 52% to 39% margin of Americans opposed the Democrats in the Senate using reconciliation.  If you watched the summit there is no doubt Obama favors the reconciliation procedure to pass the 2,400 page health care bill.

Am I glad not to be an incumbent member of his party serving in Congress!

Mr. President it’s not just about you.  It’s about the American people.

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