Oh My!

There’s more to the “no confidence” resolutions being adopted by Republicans across the state than to send Governor Jim Justice a message.  Nor was it about not following the Republican platform – which I doubt 100 Republicans have even read. What is going on is raw politics.

It appears aggressive political operatives saw an opportunity with Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee having vacant committee members. Before offering such a resolution they had to control the committee.  They gathered up willing bodies and were successful in getting them into the open slots. The end result a “no confidence” resolution. What a better place to use the “voice” of Kanawha Republicans to take shot at their Governor than in the political capital of West Virginia.

Watch out Governor Justice there are many county committees like Kanawha sitting there just for the asking. All it takes is a little effort by aggressive battle tested operatives with an agenda.

With little thought in this case the agenda has to involve Don Blankenship. Could it be Don Blankenship and his long time crew are preparing to challenge Governor Justice in 2020 and take over the Republican Party in the process?


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