Governors Race Underway…..In Coalton

The 2012 race for the Democratic nomination for Governor got underway Saturday. 

Watching the potential candidates you would have thought the election was next week.  They worked the crowd and created excitement during the annual Coalton Days homecoming celebration.  One even passed out campaign buttons.

The scene was a lawn party hosted by Delegate Mike Ross where his guests, town folks and family ate his famous Coalton Days Italian lunch.

Having attended this feast for years I would have thought they came for food.  But I don’t believe that was the case!  Meeting and greeting was the order of the day for:

o  Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin

o   House Speaker Richard Thompson

o  Senator Jeffrey V. Kessler

o  Senator Walt Helmick

o   Secretary of State Natalie Tennant

o   State Treasurer John D. Perdue

There were other current and former Legislators there.  Not sure if they were thinking about a run for Governor or not.  But there is no doubt about the others. 

A homemade parade featured local twirlers, the spaghetti cooks from the Coalton Catholic Church, fire trucks, area queens and of course the candidates.   Attorney General Darrel McGraw’s van known to never miss a parade was on hand. 

A lawnmower race between Governor Joe Manchin and Coach Bob Huggins followed the parade.  Not sure who won that one.

Who says everything happens in Charleston?

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  1. Dave Rao says:

    Hi, Bill. Good to see you’ve joined the crowd. Thanks for not putting me on your list.

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