Have We Learned?

An earthquake hit the Republican Party last night.  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) was defeated  by a Tea Party challenger.  This will fuel Tea Party types with the real impact hitting in 2015 and 2016 as battle for the Republican nomination moves into full gear.

I just hope this is realized by all Republicans not just insiders.  The consequence will be significant as we enter the contest to select a 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

Every day Republicans not active in the party must get involved immediately if we are to nominate a presidential candidate who can get elected.  Otherwise, let’s just crown Hillary Clinton.

This cannot wait until the excitement of a campaign.  Anyone who follows politics will recall the movement to nominate Barry Goldwater in 1964 started well before that year.  F. Clifton White was organizing, recruiting and taking control of Republican Party machinery at the local level.  This is well document in his book Suite 3505.

That year regular Republicans waited too long and the battle ensured.  Throughout the spring and summer of 1964 there was blood on the floor everywhere you looked.  At the last minute even former President Dwight Eisenhower got involved trying to save the Republican Party from itself.  We all know how 1964 turned out!

In West Virginia control of the party has been underway for some time by Tea Party believers.   Our representatives to the Republican National Committee are Tea Party in their heart.  The State Chairman is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.   Following the May election when new county GOP committee members were elected the same is taking place as committees reorganize.

This take over extends even to selecting a Congressman to replace Shelley Moore Captio in the 2nd District.  Not only has the Tea Party prevailed there but it was done with a Maryland resident coming across our state line.

Eric Cantor is a conservative Republican but not obviously to the extent liked by the extremists.

Extremism cannot win in 2016 get involved now – don’t wait until it’s too late.


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5 Responses to “Have We Learned?”

  1. Richard Dulee says:


    You play with fire, you get burned. The socalled Tea Party was initially a small ‘l’ libertarian movement. It attracted a fringe group, mostly from the big ‘L’ Libertarian party with Ron Paul, a one time presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party, and a nominal Republican. He mustered a nice following in his quizotic run for the GOP nomination in the last two cycles. Mainstream GOP operatives saw an opportunity to capitalize on that and they invented and funded the Tea Party. Now you all are stuck with the beast you created. Your remarks are solid from an analytical standpoint, but they are sour grapes from a historic one. The traditional conservative elements in the GOP, the big business conservatives that is, have been tripped up again on the same ideological cross as was the case in ’64. You built it, you carried it, you used it, and you attracted quite a crowd, now you shouldnt be surprised you’re on it. That’s the way revolutions work.

    Take care and BTW I very much appreciate your continuing reports. Thanks.


  2. smokey joe says:

    Cantor supported amnesty. His constituency was very clear that they did not. It really is not any more complicated than that.

  3. Chris Phillips says:

    I sadly doubt we have learned, and the opportunity to profit from any lessons are dwindling rapidly. There are certainly lessons to be learned from the likes of O’Donnell and Akin, but the most moderate GOP candidate conceivable didn’t talk the electorate out of two terms of the most radical leftist in the history of the nation.

    Vetted and capable candidates are an obvious requirement for widespread electoral success, but so is a party apparatus and candidates that are reflective of, and reactive to, the base.

    Blaming the TEA Party (whatever the definition of the day is for that) for the woes of the GOP doesn’t do anything to address the disconnect between the concerns of the base and the apathetic attitude of the upper echelons of the party toward them. Ronald Reagan was labeled a rabble-rousing bomb thrower too, but if we can’t find someone cut from the same cloth that can unite the country club and country music wings of the party, while attracting the remaining conservative Democrats, we are looking at the Republican party going the way of the Whigs in a similarly stunning short time.

  4. Melody Potter says:

    First of all, I’m deeply saddend that someone who I’ve considered a friend Bill, would write about me on their blog in a demeaning way and make personal attacks on our chairman, who is doing an outstanding job. Great things are happening in West Virginia and this November we will see the results.

    You can label me anyway you want, a person with a Tea Party heart, an ultra conservative, but I can say this…I am going to stand for what is right regardless. There is only One who is my judge. I try to live my life this way and I do not care about being politically correct. I also believe in treating those around me with kindness and with grace. I am not in the position that I am for a title, but to make a difference. I’ve always worked hard when I was county chairman, as an officer on the WVGOP State Excutive Committee, and now on the Republican National Committee. I will continue to stand if it is my last breath and if that bothers some people, I make no apology. Blessings, Melody Potter,Republican National Committeewoman for WV.

  5. Dave Hines says:

    Some history of 1964 is obviously being ignored. The Rockefeller wing of the party abandoned its candidate during the campaign.

    If the GOP is determined to be elitist and to dismiss its base as irrelevant, it is sure to lose a lot more elections.

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