In & Out

As we enter 2013 it’s fun to think about what is In & Out.  Here is my list of 13.

In                                                                     Out

RGIII                                                                   Romo

No WV Elections                                               Lost Count

Big 12                                                                   Big East

Less Paper                                                          More Digital

Military Affairs                                                  Petraeus

Smaller Inaugurations                                     Extravagant Inaugurations

? ?                                                                         Haden & Phillips

The Economist                                                  Newsweek

Steve Paine                                                        Jorea Marple

14 Republican Legislators                              14 Democrat Legislators

Pondering other’s views                                 Reading only one opinion

Tea Party                                                           Tea Party

Bus Trips to Greenbrier                                 Exclusiveness


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