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First, let me say I believe we need to find a way to provide healthcare to those who need it but without destroying our current system.  I believe Americans are willing to fix the healthcare system but will not buy into schemes that break the bank.

Now let’s talk about the political drama in the House Chamber.  I am not sure the speech will re-energize Obama’s healthcare plan.  He may get a few days of increased support but that will soon change.

Nor do I believe his call for the “bickering to end” will be heeded.

The speech was full of confusing details.  More importantly I am concerned about Obama’s statement “significant details need to be worked out”.  However, it was clever that he offered a plan building on others’ ideas who were seated in the House Chamber.

I thought the objective last night was to clarify his plan.

The speech did not move in a direction that would create a bipartisan environment to accomplish healthcare reform.  It was conciliatory in part but overall it sounded like a partisan campaign speech.

That said I thought he was trying to show Congress and the Nation he is a strong political leader – not just a strong candidate.

He still sounded like a candidate to me.

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