A Day

A day is a year in politics the old saying goes.   In a post just yesterday I made note that I thought dropping Biden and putting Hillary on the ticket would be a game changer in West Virginia.  Today (thanks to a tip from my friend Tom O’Neill) I learned the Weekly Standard has two blog posts related to the future of the Obama/Biden ticket.

Earlier this morning they called attention to the President’s schedule.  It shows an Oval Office meeting with the Vice President and the Secretary of State.  This is followed by a luncheon meeting attended only by the President and Vice President.  See the post here.  Inside that blog is another link you should read.

It gets more curious in another post just past noon Weekly Standard David Axelrod “won’t rule out Biden being dropped”.  Read here.

Obama did not offer an apology or scolding for Biden’s remarks in a People magazine exclusive.  In Washington speak that could mean a dark future for Biden but an even tighter presidential race in West Virginia.


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