Will WV Republicans be relevant in 2012?

That question will be answered by the preparation, actions and results in the November 2010 election.  West Virginia Republicans face challenges starting with participation in its own organization.  At a recent Martinsburg meeting only 37 out of 133 members of the State Executive Committee were in attendance.  It was reported only 15 county organizations were represented.  Why?  I will leave that answer to others.

 What needs done now?

First, Republican activists need to support the current leadership.  Any disagreement with their approach to managing the party can be resolved with a new State Executive Committee next summer.

Second, these leaders need to develop party building programs and grassroots training.  The focus of these should be to get registered Republicans to the polls.  In addition, offering a menu of support to potential candidates is vital to success in 2010.

Third, every county should conduct an inventory for potential candidates.  Are there municipal officeholders, former public officials or candidates who almost made it in a previous election?  Is there a community leader who could be encouraged to enter public service?  A VIP recruitment effort should follow.

Fourth, tap the knowledge of successful candidates and those who have run campaigns.  Don’t forget former party leaders.  Experience is a wonderful teacher.

Fifth, build a communications network.  In today’s world this does not require major expenditures.

 It seems State Republicans focus significant attention on raising funds.  Maybe it is time to devote the same energy and emphasis to raising people.

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7 Responses to “Will WV Republicans be relevant in 2012?”

  1. Jerry Mays says:

    Republican insistance was the reason that Brickstreet was created to overcome the tremendous costs of West Virginia’s Workman’s Comp. program. But, here we find at the national level, the democrats are going in the exact opposite direction with their ill-considered socialization of our health care system. It is baffling that they speak of people being “uninsured”, but seldom every speak of the detriment that will occur to the actual provision of medical care. If you follow the money, the only conclusion that can be reached is that democrats are seeking more and more control of us.

  2. We need a fresh perspective and new faces. Long gone our the days when steady press releases flowed from the state GOP HQ. I got involved with this party in 2000 at the age of 15. At 17, I spent the summer in Charleston working the day to day operations of the Warner for House campaign and spending all my availble time in the fall doing the same-I gave much time to the GOP in general. This is when I noticed the main problem we face- factionalism and age. The party is too old, they need some young blood! On top of that regionalism and factions are all pitted against each other- they have petty feuds that they keep going so they could have something to do ro talk about. Long gone are the steady stream of press releases challenging the opposition an d now we dont challenge anyone other than ourselves. Until we change we will lose….

  3. Max Grove says:

    Hey Bill,

    This blog is probably a good idea. I, for one, will log on and read it…and comment where I feel that I can contribute.
    I attended the Summer Meeting in Martinsburg, and attendance by members was not great, but the number of County Chairs present grew, as the day went on, from the 15 that were present at the 9 AM start of the County Chairs Meeting. Joe Garcia gave a wonderful pep talk, and his frustration with the attendance was obvious.
    Perhaps the problem with attendance is with the composition of the State Executive Committee? Perhaps all State Executive Committee meetings should be held in Flatwoods? Perhaps those factions out there that try to divide and conquer our State Party need to become Democrats or whatever ideolgy is attractive to them at the moment?
    If there is going to be a comeback by Republicans in 2010 or 2012, I am convinced that it will begin at the County level, precinct by precinct. If we cannot get the County organizations excited and passionate about our Party ideals, then we are doomed to another 25-50 years of a one sided liberal rule in West Virginia.
    We must have young people in the Party. I was very encouraged to see so many at the Martinsburg meeting. Here in Barbour County, we are sending our first ever camper to Camp Lincoln. Our new County Chair is young and has some great leadership qualities and five of our Committee are in their 40’s or younger.
    I agree with you with regard to grassroots organization, but I also agree with John Sununu that Republicans should not change their ideals. If strong national defense, individual responsibility, low taxes, less government, the protection of life and marriage are foreign ideas to a Party member, then they should depart, because that is what makes Republicans different from Democrats.
    I’m off the soap box…
    Max Grove

  4. Charles Bolen says:

    Flatwoods is a nice place for the convenience of everyone, but we need to find a venue in that is not owned by a major Democrat donor. Perhaps Sutton has an acceptable location.

  5. My personal choice for Governor would be Shelley Moore Capito, I think she can win..her father, Arch a. Moore, Jr. was a “Buck stops here Governor” he should be very proud of his accomplishments for the (2) terms that he served our Great State of West virginia

  6. Jeremy Bauserman says:

    The 2010 Census(the results of which will take effect for the 2012 elections) will mean fewer seats in the WV House of Delegates and State Senate for traditionally Democratic dominated southern West Virginia and more seats for the panhandle where the GOP is much more competitive.
    Berkeley County is now the 2nd most populous in West Virginia with over 100,000 people for example.
    The WV GOP has some opportunities in 2010 but even more opportunities in 2012 in terms of the legislature as well as the open seat for Governor. We need to take advantage of them.

  7. Max Grove says:

    Jeremy is probably correct with regard to the Census effect, but I am not content to sit and wait on a bunch of partisan politicians to carve up the state into chunks that will work to their advantage.
    Joe Garcia and John Sununu were correct in that the Republican base must be energized at the local level and Republicans must become passionate about our party ideals and point out to folks the differences between Republican and Democrat philosophy.
    This Congress and Obama have supplied us with more than sufficient material with which to begin the dismantling of the Democrat machine in WV.
    Every Republican County Committee that has a County Fair should purchase a booth and get the message out this summer that the Republican Party is alive and “well” on its way to a complete recovery.
    We often make the trip between Elkins and the Eastern Panhandle by way of Senaca, Petersburg & Moorefield. It is interesting to see that folks have not taken down their McCain-Palin signs. In fact, it is obvious that they are leaving them there on purpose. They mow around them and keep them in good order. I think I will revive one of mine. It sends a message that not all West Virginians have been douped into embracing the socialist agenda of Obama/Reid/Pelosi junta.

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