Super Committee Flunks

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic Leader in the U. S. Senate suggested the ideas of the super committee that will be making big news this week.  Reid was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun last week said “I have no regrets whatsoever about the suggestion that I made for a supper committee.”

DO NOT MISS READING the piece I clipped from POLITCO’S Playbook this morning.  It provides a BEHIND THE SCENCES LOOK at the mess.   You will see how Congress works or should I say does not work…..  CLICK HERE.

From a news perspective I am including a front page story from The Washington Post with the headline “Hopes Fades for Debt Panel”Read the full story here.

The New York Times takes a look with a piece “Deficit Panel Faces Rift Over Who Ought to Pay”.  Read the full story here.

Trust me you will enjoy and not believe the POLITICO clip.

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