Obama Challenger?

Obama Challenger?

It is amazing to me that no one in the Democratic Party is challenging Obama.  There must be some capable folks out there who believe they could do a better job.  When Lyndon Johnson was on the ropes in 1968, Senator Eugene McCarthy took him on, won in New Hampshire and Bobby Kennedy stepped up.  Lyndon Johnson decided not to run and the mantel went to Hubert Humphrey.  Teddy Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter when America was suffering from malaise.  But no one has made the move to take on this President, to give Democrats an alternative.

Here’s some ideas, there’s Erskine Bowles, former Clinton Chief of Staff and co-chair of the Obama Debt Commission, there’s two former Governors Joe Manchin and Mark Warner now United States Senators and there are a few more in the Senate with the intelligence and where-with-all to run, Max Baucus, Richard Blumenthal, Tom Harkin, Joseph Lieberman, Kent Conrad and Mark Udall, to name a few.  And then there’s current Governors who have the administrative experience to govern, such as Andrew Cuomo; or big city mayors who have the experience. And then there’s Hillary Clinton, who has the ability, experience and a darn good husband campaigner.

It seems to me that the media would obviously provide a lot of air-time or ink to cover such a challenger.  I am sure there is Democratic money looking for a person to invest in who believe there is an alternative.  And such a venture would provide a leg-up for 2016 if he or she did not gain the nomination. 

What’s the problem? Where’s the challenger?  Is there no one out there who can see the advantage and possibility of this challenge?  Are they all waiting for Obama’s statement that he will not run, as suggested in several news articles?  Are they hoping for a brokered convention?  Many Democrats disagree with the President’s programs, regulations and spending, but are they afraid of the cost, support or are they just content to watch on the side-lines.

Where’s the voice that will step up to say the only answer for the Democratic Party is not Barrack Obama?  I can’t understand the quiet.

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