Saturday Morning Tidbits…

GOOD SATURDAY MORNING…..most members of the U. S. House of Representatives should be asleep in bed…..or on an airplane home….the historic budget cutting session ended at 4:40 a.m.

WV’s newest member of the House…..Rep. David McKinley is a hero this morning…..he led the U. S. House of Representatives to pass an amendment to block EPA from pulling approved projects…..based on Clean Water Act objections.

First SIGNS OF SPRING…..John Perdue & Clark Barnes for Governor signs appearing in Central WV.

Can someone explain Obama sending in his political troops…..Organizing for America… support the teachers unions in the Wisconsin budget battle…..when his policies in the first two years…..were aimed at evaluating teachers… get rid of tenure and bad teachers…..not something making teachers unions happy……could it be due to 2012?

Dancing the night away… Governor Tomblin’s legislative dinner/dance…..Sen. Clark Barnes…..Delegate Mitch Carmichael….both seeking to host next year’s affair…..only Democrats on hand…..seeking to become Governor… the music played on… Governor Tomblin and hopeful Sen. Jeff Kessler…..Joanne Tomblin danced, worked the room….would have been interesting to see how Natalie Tennant [she did not attend]…..would have competed with First Lady Tomblin.

In case you did not stay up here is a clip from POLITICO reporting on the bill…..

THE ROGERS REPORT — POLITICO’s David Rogers reports on the bill. ‘More a battering ram than a budget, a giant government-wide spending bill passed the House early Saturday morning, packing $60 billion in Republican spending cuts together with scores of legislative riders to impede President Barack Obama in carrying out his policies … The open process – and largely civil tone – represent a victory for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). But by moving so far right to appease his large freshman class, Boehner picked up no Democratic votes and sacrificed what many saw as his best shot of scoring a quick win in the Senate at the expense of Obama,’ David writes. ‘The $60 billion in reductions are concentrated in the last six months of this fiscal year and represent a 14 percent cut that will severely impact Obama’s agenda at home and abroad. Foreign aid and State Department operations would be cut as much as $10 billion from Obama’s latest request. Pell Grants for low income college students are reduced, and School Turnaround Grants cut by almost two-thirds. … The Environmental Protection Agency lost $2.7 billion from its current appropriations. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, charged with major new responsibilities under Wall Street reforms, would get a third of the funding Obama wants. And the new Republican majority would block not just federal regulators but Obama’s signature achievement thus far: healthcare reform.’

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito…..looked great holding  that impressive gavel…..presiding in the U. S. House of Representatives… history was made this week…..she always makes West Virginians proud…..wonder how she would enjoy presiding over the U. S. Senate?

The DailyCaller…..says Sen. Joe Manchin seems trapped between his caucus and the conservative views he campaigned on…..and needs convinced of passing another spending bill without cuts…..remember 2012 Senator…..and with the coal hating Obama on your ticket…..things could get messy.

EASTERN PANHANDLE’s Governor race…..a well travelled political observer shared the view that Betty Ireland is doing well in that part of the state…..interesting in that Sen. Clark Barnes represents some of those counties in the state senate…..and former Delegate Larry Faircloth resides in Martinsburg…..IT IS EARLY.

Despite the Game Change in WV Senate…..word is Sen. Roman Prezioso is working hard to hold the line on spending…..wish him well.


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